3 Thank You Poems To Parents – Poetry for Parents from kids

Poems About Parents – Poetry for Parents from their Children

Poems About Parents - Poetry for Parents from their Children

I love you both
Dear mom and dad
I can never bear
To see you sad
I will protect you
From hurt and pain
I will never give you
A chance to complain
For you have done
The same for me
Now it is my turn
To make you happy
Thank you. 


Shamim Collegiate

Poem Of the Week Parents(mom and dad)

Recorded By Tariq


Thank you, Mom.

Thank you, Dad.

Three small words.

So much to add.

For all your love

and your support

a million words

would be too short.

The words, “I love you”

seem too few

to express the love

I have for you.

Thank You Poem To Parents


Dear mom and dad….
Thank you for being there
Thank you for all your care
Thank you for your advice
Thank you for being so nice
Thank you for your guidance
Thank you for your patience
Thank you for letting me grow up my way
Thank you for everything
Without you both, I’d be nothing

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I don’t have anything to give my parents Expect prayer please pray for my Parents


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