07 ways to say that you are tired

07 ways to say that you are tired

  1. I’m exhausted 

main thaka hua h

I’m tired.

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  1. I’m dead tired.

boahat bohat thaka hua ho

means very very tired.

It means that I cannot walk.


      3. I’m pooped


main thaka hua ho.


  1. I’m beat

meri himat jawab dai gai main bohat thaka hua ho

This means that there is no energy left in my body and I should go to bed.


    5. I can hardly keep my eyes open.

main bohat bohat thaka hua ho

main muskil sey apni aankhein khuli rakh sakta ho

It means that I’m very very tired.


     6. I’m off to bed.

main soney ja raha ho

main thaka hua ho


  1. it’s bed time.

It means that you must go to bed right now.

majhey lazmi sona hai

main bohat thak gya


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