10 English Phrases for Shopping 

10 English Phrases for Shopping 

1.do you have 

Do you have sport shoes?

kiya app ka pass sport shoes hai

Do you have printers?

kiya app ka pass printers hai

Do you have English grammar book?

kiya app k pass english grammar book hai

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2.where can I find

 where can I find a coat?

majhey coat kaha mile ga

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where can I find salwar kameez?

majhey salwar kameez kaha mile gi


where can I find a coffee?

majhey coffee kaha miley gi


3.I’m just browsing.

You don’t want to buy anything.

You’re just looking around.

main bus dhek raha ho lekin kareedna nehi ha


4.I’m looking for  

I’m looking for t-shirt.

main t shirt dhoodh raha ho

I’m looking for a cafe.

main cafe dhoondh raha ho


5.how much is this.


how much is this?

yeh kitna ka hai

how much does it cost?

yeh kitney ka hai

es ki kimat kitni hai


6.Is this on sale.


It’s an occasion when goods are sold at a lower price than usual.

So things are that are on sale there are reduced in price.

It’s a good idea to buy things on sale 

acha idea hai sale lagi ho jab cheazien kareedey


7.Can I try it on.

kiya main yeh pehan kar check sakta ho


  1. I’ll take it.

it means I’m going to buy it.

main esey kareed raha ho


9.do you take credit cards.


Do you take credit cards?

kiya app credit card letey hai 


10.I’d like to return this.

I’d like to exchange this.

main yeh wapis karna chahta ho

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