10 English Sentences With Urdu Translation

 10 English Sentences With Urdu Translation Lesson Eighty-Five

 10 English Sentences With Urdu Translation Lesson

You may be asking yourself

tumhey sayad apney app sey pouchna chahye


How long am I going to feel like this? 

Main kitney arsey tak es tarha mehsoos kar raho ho/karney laga ho


When am I going to start feeling better? 

Main kab behter hona lago ga/shuru ho ga


I’m not trying to impose myself on you!

Main khud ko tum par thonsany ki koshish nhe kar raha.


Why did he do that?

Usney who kiyon kiya


Why didn’t I do this?

Maine yeh kyon nehi kiya tha


You don’t seem to agree with me.

Tum meray sath ittifaq kartay dikhai nah Daitay


What are they doing now?

Ab wooh kiya kar rahe they


I can’t accept what you say!

Jo tum kehtay hu who main nehe man sakta,


It’s not like that!

Asi baaat nhiii hai.

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I’m a Muslim…. Islam is perfect But I’m not……..
If I make a mistake. Don’t blame Islam But blame me.

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