10 Phrases for Saying Something is Easy & Difficult In English ! Urdu

10 Phrases for Saying Something is Easy & Difficult In English! Urdu

  1. It’s a piece of cake. 

bohat asan hai

  1. It’s a cinch. 

kio kam  bohat asan ho karna

yeh bohat aasan hai

  1. It’s a breeze. 

yeh asan hai

easy to achieve asani sey hasil ho jaye

  1. Anyone can do it. 

yeh toh kio bhi kar sakta

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  1. There’s nothing to it. 

es mein kuch bhi nehi tha

yeh toh kio bhi kar sakta

yeh asan hai


  1. It’s hard. 

yeh muskil hai

  1. It’s a bit tricky. 

yeh thora sa muskil hai


  1. It’s really tough. 

yeh waqie muskil hai

walk in the park.

Easy to do kio asan kam lagna

 school was difficult, but it was a walk in the park compared to college engineering classes.

school muskil laga tha lekin woh toh bohat asan hai enginerring college mein class ka muqabuley

  1. It’s not a walk in the park. 

yeh itna bhi asan nehi hai


  1. It’s very demanding. 

(= it takes a lot of time and energy)

yeh bohat muskil hai

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