10 Phrases for Talking about Food

10 Phrases for Talking about Food

1. I’m starving.

majhey bohat bohat bhook lagi hai

When you are very very hungry you say I’m starving .

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2. let’s grab a bite to eat.

chalo jaldi sey khatey hai

aisa khanna jo jaldii khaya jaye

chalo khana shuru kartey hai

Let’s get food that can be eaten quickly.

3. how about eating out tonight.

rat ko bahar restaurant mein khana khaney chaley

This is a suggestion you can give to your friends or family how about going out to the restaurant.

4. I bought some snacks.

maine kuch namkeen kareeda hai

maine kuch halka pulka nashta kareeda hai


5.This soup is delicious.

yeh soup lazeez hai


6.Can I have another helping of tea

kiya majhey aik aur chahye mil sakti hai.

can i have another helping of chocolate cake

kiya majhey aik aur chocolate cake mil sakta hai


7.I’ll have a pizza 

pizza le ao

8. could we get the check , please?

bill le ao /  kitney paisey hue

9. I’m full.

mera pait bhar gaya

i don’t need any other food.

means full.

10. I’m stuffed 

mera pait bhar gaya hai / means full.

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