10 Phrases for Talking About TV

10 Phrases for Talking About TV

  1. where is the remote.

romote control kaha hai

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  1. is is there anything good on.

kia kuch acha a raha hai tv


  1. Can I change the channel.

kiya main channel tabdel kar sakta ho

I want to change the channel.

main channel tabdel karna chahta ho


4.I’ve already seen this episodes 

main yeh qist pehle hi dekh chuka ho

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5.This is a return.

koi drama jo pehle khatam ho gaya ho phir dobra sey shuru ho


6.I love this show.

 yeh show pasand hai


7.there are too many commercials.

waqfey bohat ziyda hai 


8.Stop channel surfing.

channel bar bar tabdeel karna band karo

Stop changing the channel quickly.


9.check the TV Guide.

tv guide check karo

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10.it’s the final episode of the season 

it’s the season final 

yeh akhri qist hai 

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