10 Phrases You Will Hear At The Airport.

10 phrases you will hear at the airport.

10 Phrases You Will Hear At The Airport.
10 Phrases You Will Hear At The Airport.

1.Do you have any bags to check.

kiya app ka pass kio bags hai 


  1. Would you like a window seat or an aisle seat?

kia app khirkhi ka saath wali seat lena pasand karey gai ya beach wali


Actually I prefer a window seat because I could see the clouds the sky.


  1. Here’s your boarding pass.

yeh le app ka boarding pass

 boarding pass is the paper that permits and allows you to enter the plane.


  1. your flight leaves from gate 15 

app ki flight gate 15 sey parwaz karey gi

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5.Your seat number is 85.

app ka seat number 85 hai


6.Flight 800 is now boarding.

flight 800 tayar hai 


boarding means passengers can enter the plane Flight 800 is now boarding.


  1. Your flight has been delayed.

app ki flight late ho gayi hai


  1. Your flight has been canceled.

app ki flight cancel ho cuki hai


9.This is the final call for Flight 800.

Flight 800 k passengers k liye akri bulawa hai


  1. What is the purpose of your trip?

app k safar ki waja kia hai

Sometimes the officer asks you what is the purpose.

What is the reason that you are traveling?

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