10 Ways to Encourage Someone In English With Urdu Translation

there are 10 Ways to Encourage Someone In English With Urdu Translation

10 Ways to Encourage Someone www.learnenglishurdu.com
10 Ways to Encourage Someone

this lesson is taken from English vid and translated in Urdu by tariq aziz

  1. Keep up the good work!

acha kam kartey raho

bohat achey kam kartey raho


(say this after someone made a good effort but failed) 

jab kisi nay achi koshish ki ho lekin fail ho gaya

  1. That was a nice try. 

kafi achi koshish thi

bohat achi koshish thi

  1. That’s a real improvement. 

yeh waqie bohat behtri hui

yeh toh waqie behtri hai


  1. You’re on the right track. 

tum sidhey rastey per ho

tum theak chal rahe ho

tum theak ja rahe ho


  1. You’ve almost got it. 

yeh tum taqreeban yeh hasil kar liya

tumhey yeh taqreeban mil gaya

tum ney hasil karliya

  1. You’re doing great. 

tum  bohat acha kar rahe ho

tum bahtreen chal rahe ho

  1. Don’t give up! / Hang in there! 

har mat haro / lage raho

har mat haro / waha tikey raho

(when someone is currently having difficulties) 

jab kisi ko muskilat ka samna karna parh raha ho

  1. You can do it!

tum yeh kar saktey ho

  1. Give it your best shot. 

sab sey bahter kar ka dhekao

(best shot = best try, best effort)

  1. Nice job! / You did great! 

acha kam kiya / tum ney zabardast kia

(after the person has done something


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