10 Ways to Talk About Price In English ! Urdu

here are 10 ways to talk about price in English with Urdu translation, in this lesson we will also talk about  idioms for expensive things and idioms about price

  1. It cost a fortune.
    yeh bohat ziyda mehangi hai
    for example
    Everything on the menu costs a fortune. Let’s go somewhere else
    menu mein tamam cheazien bohat ziyda mehangi hai chalo kahi aur chaltey hai

idioms about price

10 Ways to Talk About Price In English Urdu

Short Story Girl on a Motorcycle By John Escott
yeh bohat mehangi hai
I would love to buy a ferrari but It costs an arm and a leg.
majhey ferrari kareedna pasand karo ga lekin woh bohat mehangi hai

  1. That’s a rip-off.
    (= overpriced; far more expensive than it should be)
    zarrort sey ziyda mehangi
    itni mehangi honi nehi chhaye jitni mehangi hai
    rs5000 for that shirt? – That’s a complete rip-off.
    5000 es shirt k liye yeh toh had sey ziyda mehangi hai
  2. I can’t afford it.
    (= I don’t have enough money to buy it)
    mere pass itney paisey nehi ka yeh kareed sako
    that is a wonderful car but i can’t afford it
    yeh bohat hi shandar car hai lekin main esey nehi kareed sakta

idioms for expensive things

  1. That’s a bit pricey.
    thori bohat mehangi
    thori si mehangi

It’s a bit pricey but the food is wonderful.
khanaa mazadar hai lekin thora sa mehanga hai

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Short Story of the month

  1. That’s quite reasonable.
    (= it’s a good price)
    paisey theak hai
    rs 800 for that shirt? – That’s quite reasonable..
    800 rupe us shirt k liye bilkul theak hai ya munasib hai
  2. It’s 20% off.
    (= there’s a 20% discount)
    bata shops are 50% off
    bata ka jhotey 50 feesad discound per

  3. That’s a good deal.
    That’s a good idea
    (= a good value for the amount of money)
    achey paisey na ziyda mehaga na ziyda sasta
    That’s a good deal to buy this car
    es car ko achey daamo mein kareed rahe ho

That’s a good idea to buy this car
acha fasla es car ko kareedney ka

  1. It was a real bargain.
    qeemat kam hona mamol ka mutabik
    we got tickets to the show at half price a real bargain.
    humhey show k ticks aadey paiso mein mile yeh waqie bachat hai

  2. It was dirt cheap.
    (= extremely inexpensive)
    bohat sasta.
    they sell like dirt cheap
    woh humesha cheazein sasti bhechtey hai

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