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100 basic phrases and idioms course for beginners
10 Ways to Encourage Someone
From Now These lessons are taken from Englishvid and translated in urdu by tariq aziz

  1. Keep up the good work!
    acha kam kartey raho
    bohat achey kam kartey raho
    (say this after someone made a good effort but failed)
    jab kisi nay achi koshish ki ho lekin fail ho gaya
  2. That was a nice try.
    kafi achi koshish thi
    bohat achi koshish thi
  3. That’s a real improvement.
    yeh waqie bohat behtri hui
    yeh toh waqie behtri hai
  4. You’re on the right track.
    tum sidhey rastey per ho
    tum theak chal rahe ho
    tum theak ja rahe ho
  5. You’ve almost got it.
    yeh tum taqreeban yeh hasil kar liya
    tumhey yeh taqreeban mil gaya
    tum ney hasil karliya
  6. You’re doing great.
    tum bohat acha kar rahe ho
    tum bahtreen chal rahe ho
  7. Don’t give up! / Hang in there!
    har mat haro / lage raho
    har mat haro / waha tikey raho

(when someone is currently having difficulties)
jab kisi ko muskilat ka samna karna parh raha ho

  1. You can do it!
    tum yeh kar saktey ho
  2. Give it your best shot.
    sab sey bahter kar ka dhekao
    (best shot = best try, best effort)
  3. Nice job! / You did great!
    acha kam kiya / tum ney zabardast kia
    (after the person has done something

10 Ways to Talk About Price

  1. It cost a fortune.
    yeh bohat ziyda mehangi hai
    for example
    Everything on the menu costs a fortune. Let’s go somewhere else
    menu mein tamam cheazien bohat ziyda mehangi hai chalo kahi aur chaltey hai
  2. It cost an arm and a leg.
    yeh bohat mehangi hai
    I would love to buy a ferrari but It costs an arm and a leg.
    majhey ferrari kareedna pasand karo ga lekin woh bohat mehangi hai
  3. That’s a rip-off.
    (= overpriced; far more expensive than it should be)
    zarrort sey ziyda mehangi
    itni mehangi honi nehi chhaye jitni mehangi hai
    rs5000 for that shirt? – That’s a complete rip-off.
    5000 es shirt k liye yeh toh had sey ziyda mehangi hai
  4. I can’t afford it.
    (= I don’t have enough money to buy it)
    mere pass itney paisey nehi ka yeh kareed sako
    that is a wonderful car but i can’t afford it
    yeh bohat hi shandar car hai lekin main esey nehi kareed sakta
  5. That’s a bit pricey.
    thori bohat mehangi
    thori si mehangi

It’s a bit pricey but the food is wonderful.
khanaa mazadar hai lekin thora sa mehanga hai

  1. That’s quite reasonable.
    (= it’s a good price)
    paisey theak hai
    rs 800 for that shirt? – That’s quite reasonable..
    800 rupe us shirt k liye bilkul theak hai ya munasib hai
  2. It’s 20% off.
    (= there’s a 20% discount)
    bata shops are 50% off
    bata ka jhotey 50 feesad discound per
  3. That’s a good deal.
    That’s a good idea
    (= a good value for the amount of money)
    achey paisey na ziyda mehaga na ziyda sasta
    That’s a good deal to buy this car
    es car ko achey daamo mein kareed rahe ho

That’s a good idea to buy this car
acha fasla es car ko kareedney ka

  1. It was a real bargain.
    qeemat kam hona mamol ka mutabik
    we got tickets to the show at half price a real bargain.
    humhey show k ticks aadey paiso mein mile yeh waqie bachat hai
  2. It was dirt cheap.
    (= extremely inexpensive)
    bohat sasta.
    they sell like dirt cheap
    woh humesha cheazein sasti bhechtey hai

10 Phrases for Saying Something is Easy & Difficult

  1. It’s a piece of cake.
    bohat asan hai
  2. It’s a cinch.
    kio kam bohat asan ho karna
    yeh bohat aasan hai
  3. It’s a breeze.
    yeh asan hai
    easy to achieve asani sey hasil ho jaye
  4. Anyone can do it.
    yeh toh kio bhi kar sakta
  5. There’s nothing to it.
    es mein kuch bhi nehi tha
    yeh toh kio bhi kar sakta
    yeh asan hai
  6. It’s hard.
    yeh muskil hai
  7. It’s a bit tricky.
    yeh thora sa muskil hai
  8. It’s really tough.
    yeh waqie muskil hai
    walk in the park.
    Easy to do kio asan kam lagna
    school was difficult, but it was a walk in the park compared to college engineering classes.
    school muskil laga tha lekin woh toh bohat asan hai enginerring college mein class ka muqabuley
  9. It’s not a walk in the park.
    yeh itna bhi asan nehi hai
  10. It’s very demanding.
    (= it takes a lot of time and energy)
    yeh bohat muskil hai

No Electricity Since Morning Meaning In Urdu
10 Phrases for Remembering, Reminding, & Forgetting

  1. I’ll always remember… / I’ll never forget…
    I’ll always remember to call you
    majhey humesha yaad rehta hai tumhey call karna
    I’ll never forget to call you
    main kabhi nehi bhoolta tumhey call karna
  2. If I remember correctly… / As far as I can recall…
    kio khas waqia jo yaad ho achi tarha us k liye yeh jumla kaha jata hai
    If I remember correctly he was a good friend of Tariq’s
    majhey achi tarha yaad hai yeh tariq ka dost tha
    As far as I can recall he was a good friend of Tariq’s
    majhey yaad parta hai ka yeh tariq ka dost tha
  3. I have a vague recollection of…
    I have a vague recollection of.what our teacher said in class
    main koshish kar raha ho lekin majhey yaad nehi a raha humhri teacher ney class mein kia kaha tha
  4. It’s on the tip of my tongue.
    tumhey yaad tha lekin abhi lekin bhool gaye
    main koshish kar raha ho yaad karney lekin yaad nehi araha
    (=I’m trying to remember, but I can’t quite remember)
  5. My mind went blank.
    majhey kuch bhi yaad nehi
    mera demagh bilkul khali ho gaya hai
    (= I couldn’t remember/think of anything)
  6. It doesn’t ring a bell
    yeh jana pechana nehi lag raha
    bilkul bhi yaad nehi.
    (=it doesn’t sound familiar)
  7. Please remember to… / Please don’t forget to…
    please remember to subscribe my channel
    plz merre channel yaad sey subcribe karna
    please don’t forget to subscribe to my channel
    plz bhooliye ga nehi mere channel ko subcribe karna
  8. I’d like to remind you about…
    I’d like to remind you about our picnic
    main tumhey yaad dilana chahta humharey picnic k barey mein
  9. You haven’t forgotten to/about… have you?
    kisi ko barey mein app ko shak ho k sayad usey kio baat bhool gaye hai app check karney k liye yeh jumla boltey ho
    You haven’t forgotten about our birthday have you?
    tumhey yaad hai na humharey birthday tum bhooli toh nehi na
  10. It completely slipped my mind!
    mere zehan sey nikal gaya
    main puri tarha bhool gaya
    (= I completely forgot about it!)
    5 Ways to Interrupt Someone
  11. Sorry to interrupt, but

Sorry to interrupt, but please stop working here
Mudaqalat k liye mazrat lekin plz yaha kam rok dai

  1. Excuse me – could I talk to you for a minute? / do you have a minute?
    do log jab apas mein baat kar rahe ho aur un ko darmiyan mein rok kar aik sey baat karney k liye
    (when interrupting a conversation between two other people, to talk to one of them)

Excuse me could I talk to you for a minute?
maaf kijiye ga kia main app sey aik minute baat kar sakta ho
Excuse me do you have a minute?
maaf kijiye ga kia app ka aik minute mil sakta hai
maaf kijiye ga app k pass aik minute hai

  1. Could I jump in here?
    jaha bohat sarey log apas mein baat kar rahe ho waha yeh jumla boley
    (use this when interrupting a discussion among many people)
  2. Sorry – I just want to say that…
    sorry main bus yeh kahna chahta ho k

sorry i just want to say that i am going out with tariq
mazrat main bus yeh batana chahta ho k main tariq ka saath bahir ja raha ho

  1. (formal) May I have a word?
    kia main app sey baat kar sakta ho

Quotes of the day
For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness
Ralph waldo Emerson(website www.splendidquotes.com)
Count your age by friends, not years. Count your life by smiles, not tears.
John lennon (website www.splendidquotes.com)
5 Ways to Ask for Clarification

  1. Pardon?
    (if you didn’t hear or understand what the person said)
    ager app ko sunai nehi diya ya samjh na aye toh yeh kahey
    A: could you please turn off the tv?
    B: Pardon
  2. Would you mind repeating that?
    ager bura na maney toh dobra bata dai
    ager bura na lagey toh dobra dohra dai
    Grammar Tips : would you mind + verb+ing
  3. What do you mean?
    (asking for more information)
    do you really work out?
    kia tum waqie warzish kar rahe ho
    what do you mean?
    tumhra matlab kia hai
    tumhra es sey murad kia hai
  4. I’m not sure I follow you.
    (= I don’t understand)
    tariq is not a good politician
    I’m not sure I follow you
  5. Could you explain… ?
    aur maloomat hasil karney k liye kah jata hai
    I will start a new english language course
    could you explain more about this course
    quote of the day
    The biggest gift I’ve ever received is being a teacher.
    Alyssa Edwards

5 Phrases for Complaining

  1. I’m not happy about this.
    main es sey khush nehi ho
  2. I’m sorry, but this is unacceptable.
    mazrat chahta ho lekin yeh qabil e qabool nehi
  3. I’m not very satisfied with…
    main razi ya mutmain nehi ho

I’m not very satisfied with your work
main tumhrey kam sey mutamin nehi ho
A gesture is more than enough to the wise
I’m not very satisfied with this product
main es product sey ziyda mutamin nehi ho
I’m not very satisfied with this situation
main es surat e haal sey ziyda mutmain nehi ho

  1. (informal) I can’t stand
    main bardasht nehi kar sakta

I can’t stand it when the internet is slow
main internet ka ahishta hona bardasht nehi karsakta
I can’t stand it when you come home
main bardasht nehi kar sakta tumhra gher ana

  1. (informal) This sucks.
    yeh bekar hai
    that’s annoying
    that’s dumb
    or ‘that’s horrible’

quote of the day
No struggle can ever succeed without women participating side by side with men.
Muhammad Ali jinnah
5 Ways to Ask Someone Else to Do Something
If you want to ask a person to do something for you what would you say and how do you ask this question.
Let’s find out.

  1. Would you mind (very formal)

Would you mind opening that window.
Ager bura na lagey toh wooh khirkhi khool dai
would you mind turning off the light.
Ager bura na lagey toh light band kar dai
Would you mind answering the phone.
Ager bura na lagey toh phone utha ley
Would you mind calling me later.
Ager bura na lagey toh
main thori der mein call karo
Would you mind sharing this video
Ager bura na lagey toh
es video ko share kar dai

  1. Could you please. (This is also very formal.)
    Could you please turn off the light.
    Kia app meharbani kar ka light band kar dai gai
    Could you please help me here in this kitchen.
    Kia app kitchan mein yaha mere madad kar dai gai
    Could you please get me a glass of water
    Kia app mere liye aik pani ka glass la da gai
    Could you please do this homework for me
    Kia app mere liye yeh homework kar dai gai
    Could you please help me to increase my subscribers
    Kia app meri madad karey gai mere subcriber bharhaney mein
  2. Can you
    Can you pass me the chicken.
    Kia app majhey yeh chicken dai gai
    Can you help me in this place.
    Kia app es jaga meri madad karey gai
    Can you turn on the light
    Kia app light on kar dai gai
    Can you like my video
    Kia app yeh video like kar dai gai
    Can you share this video
    Kia app yeh video dorsro sey share kar dai gai
    Can you come and pick me up at six o’clock.
    Kia app majhey 6 baje lene a jaye gai
  3. Please
    Please send me the information
    Meharbani kar ka majhey
    maloomat farham karey
    Please send me the email
    Meharbani kar ka email bhej dai gai
    please wake me up at 6 o’clock tomorrow morning.
    Meharbani kar ka subha 6 baje majhey utha dena
  4. (Very formal. )I’d appreciate it if you could.
    I’d appreciate if you could wash the dishes
    Main app ka sukkar guzar raho ga
    ager app yeh bartan dho dai gai
    I’d appreciate if you could lend me some money.
    Main app ka sukkar guzar raho ga
    ager app majhey kuch paisey udhar dai day
    I’d appreciate if you could help me fix this car.
    Main app ka sukkar guzar raho ga ager
    app es car ko theak kar mein meri madad karey

5 ways to ask for help.
If you want to ask your friends for help do you understand the formal and informal way and how do you ask for help
OK let’s get started.

  1. I need a little help.
    Majhey choti sey madad chahye
    I need a little help. Can you help me with my homework.
    majhey tumhri thori sey madad chahye
    kia tum mere homework mein meri madad kar sakti ho
  2. could you help me out.
    Tum kisi banday ka saath us ka kam ka hisa ho
    ya phir tum kisi ko paisey da rahe hai
    Meaning : You do a part of someone’s work or give someone money.
    For example
    her parents helped her out with five hundred dollars loan.
    us ka ma baap ney paanch hazar dollar loan da kar usi ki madad ki
  3. could you give me a hand.
    kisi ka kam mein madad dena
    kisi ka kam karwana us ka saath
    What does give somebody hand,
    hand usually use for physical tasks for example.

Could you give me a hand in cleaning this Room.
kiya tum meri madad karo gi es kamrey ko saaf karwaney mein
Sarah says I have trouble solving math problems.
I know you are good at math.
Could you please give me a hand.
sarah kahti hai majhey math mein masla hai
main janti ho app math mein achi ho
kiya app meri math mein madad karey gi

  1. Could you spare a couple of minutes.
    It means to give time or money to someone.
    Kisi ko waqt dena ya paisa
    For example
    I have to go soon but I can spare a few minutes.
    Majhey jald jana lekin mera thora waqt hai
    Can you spare me some change.
    Kya tum majhey kuch khula dai sakty ho
  2. Could you do me a favor.
    I guess you have lots of information
    about making delicious pasta.
    Could you do me a favor
    and tell me about this recipe.
    mera khayal hai tumhey bohat sari
    malomat hai pasta bananey mein
    kiya tum meri madad kar sakti us ki recipe bata kar

07 expressions about age.
She is in her early 20s.
(21, 22, 23 years old)
He’s in his early 20s.
He’s in his late 30s.
(37, 38, 39 years old.)
She’s in her late 30s.
she just turned six.
( she just became six years old.)
Act your age act your age.
jab kio bara bacho wali harketien karey jab kahe
an adult person who is acting like children and he’s childish we tell him.
Come on. Act your age. Don’t be a child.
I’m not as young as I used to be.
main ab itna bhi jawan nehi jaisey pehle tha
He’s not spring chicken
( he’s not young.)
(he’s old)
woh jawan nehi hai
She’s wise beyond her year.
woh apni umer sey ziyda aqalmand hai
woh apni umer sey ziyda lagti hai
He’s wise beyond his year.
10 Phrases for Shopping
1.do you have
Do you have sport shoes?
kiya app ka pass sport shoes hai
Do you have printers?
kiya app ka pass printers hai
Do you have English grammar book?
kiya app k pass english grammar book hai

  1. where can I find
    where can I find a coat?
    majhey coat kaha mile ga

where can I find salwar kameez?
majhey salwar kameez kaha mile gi
where can I find a coffee?
majhey coffee kaha miley gi
3.I’m just browsing.
You don’t want to buy anything.
You’re just looking around.
main bus dhek raha ho lekin kareedna nehi ha
4.I’m looking for
I’m looking for t-shirt.
main t shirt dhoodh raha ho
I’m looking for a cafe.
main cafe dhoondh raha ho
5.how much is this.
how much is this?
yeh kitna ka hai
how much does it cost?
yeh kitney ka hai
es ki kimat kitni hai
6.Is this on sale.
It’s an occasion when goods are sold at a lower price than usual.
So things are that are on sale there are reduced in price.
It’s a good idea to buy things on sale
acha idea hai sale lagi ho jab cheazien kareedey
7.Can I try it on.
kiya main yeh pehan kar check sakta ho

  1. I’ll take it.
    it means I’m going to buy it.
    main esey kareed raha ho

9.do you take credit cards.
Do you take credit cards?
kiya app credit card letey hai
10.I’d like to return this.
I’d like to exchange this.
main yeh wapis karna chahta ho
10 Phrases for Talking about Food
1.I’m starving.
majhey bohat bohat bhook lagi hai
When you are very very hungry you say I’m starving .

  1. let’s grab a bite to eat.
    chalo jaldi sey khatey hai
    aisa khanna jo jaldii khaya jaye
    chalo khana shuru kartey hai
    Let’s get food that can be eaten quickly.
  2. how about eating out tonight.
    rat ko bahar restaurant mein khana khaney chaley
    This is a suggestion you can give to your friends or family how about going out to the restaurant.
  3. I bought some snacks.
    maine kuch namkeen kareeda hai
    maine kuch halka pulka nashta kareeda hai

5.This soup is delicious.
yeh soup lazeez hai
6.Can I have another helping of tea
kiya majhey aik aur chahye mil sakti hai.
can i have another helping of chocolate cake
kiya majhey aik aur chocolate cake mil sakta hai
7.I’ll have a pizza
pizza le ao

  1. could we get the check , please?
    bill le ao / kitney paisey hue
  2. I’m full.
    mera pait bhar gaya
    i don’t need any other food.
    means full.
    10.I’m stuffed
    mera pait bhar gaya hai / means full.

10 Phrases for Talking about TV

  1. where is the remote.
    romote control kaha hai
  2. is is there anything good on.
    kia kuch acha a raha hai tv
  3. Can I change the channel.
    kiya main channel tabdel kar sakta ho
    I want to change the channel.
    main channel tabdel karna chahta ho

4.I’ve already seen this episodes
main yeh qist pehle hi dekh chuka ho
5.This is a return.
koi drama jo pehle khatam ho gaya ho phir dobra sey shuru ho

  1. I love this show.
    yeh show pasand hai
  2. there are too many commercials.
    waqfey bohat ziyda hai

8.Stop channel surfing.
channel bar bar tabdeel karna band karo
Stop changing the channel quickly.
9.check the TV Guide.
tv guide check karo
10.it’s the final episode of the season
it’s the season final
yeh akhri qist hai
He came day before yesterday Meaning In Urdu
10 phrases you will hear at the airport.
1.Do you have any bags to check.
kiya app ka pass kio bags hai

  1. Would you like a window seat or an aisle seat?
    kia app khirkhi ka saath wali seat lena pasand karey gai ya beach wali

Actually I prefer a window seat because I could see the clouds the sky.

  1. Here’s your boarding pass.
    yeh le app ka boarding pass
    boarding pass is the paper that permits and allows you to enter the plane.
  2. your flight leaves from gate 15
    app ki flight gate 15 sey parwaz karey gi

5.Your seat number is 85.
app ka seat number 85 hai
6.Flight 800 is now boarding.
flight 800 tayar hai
boarding means passengers can enter the plane Flight 800 is now boarding.

  1. Your flight has been delayed.
    app ki flight late ho gayi hai
  2. Your flight has been canceled.
    app ki flight cancel ho cuki hai

9.This is the final call for Flight 800.
Flight 800 k passengers k liye akri bulawa hai

  1. What is the purpose of your trip?
    app k safar ki waja kia hai
    Sometimes the officer asks you what is the purpose.
    What is the reason that you are traveling?

5 Ways to Check if the Other Person Understands You
So how do you check if the other person understands you.
1.Do you understand what I’m saying.
kiya tum samjhey main kiya kah raha ho
2.Does that make sense.
kiya tumhey meri samjh a rahi hai
3.do you know what I mean.
kia tumhey samjh aya main kia kah raha ho

  1. are you with me so far.
    kiya ab tak tumhey meri samajh a rahi hai
  2. is that clear.
    samjh gaye
    kia samjh mein aya

8 phrases for hot weather.
1.It’s nice and warm today.
ajj ka din acha aur garam hai

  1. it’s absolutely boiling today
    ajj bohat bohat ziyda garmi hai
    boiling is extremely hot
  2. we are having a real heat wave.
    many consecutive days of hot weather.

4.The sun’s really strong today.
The weather is hot.

  1. it’s roasting

6.it’s scorching

  1. the sun splitting the stone.

8.Dog Days of Summer
the hottest days of the summer.
We call them the dark days of summer.
How To Talk about cold weather
1.It’s a little chilly
thori thand hai
thori si sardi hai
It’s a little cold.
2.It’s freezing.
bohat ziyda sardi hai
Freezing means extremely cold.
3.the temperature is dropping.
sardi honey lagi hai
thand hona shuru ho gayi
the weather is getting cold.

  1. Make sure to bundle up.
    garam kaprey pehano sardi sey bachney k liye
    means that put on warm clothes for protection against the cold.
    It’s freezing. we must Make sure to bundle up.
    bohat sardi hai humhey lazi garam kapre pehan chahye

5.we are expecting some winter weather.
barf bari wala mosam
means snow hail sleet ice etc..
6.it’s nippy.
bohat ziyda sardi hai
It also means it’s freezing.
The weather is really cold.
7.It’s below zero
bohat ziyda sardi hai
It also means it’s freezing.
The weather is really cold.
8.it’s Arctic.
bohat ziyda sardi hai
means extremely cold and freezing.
five phrases for talking and speaking about rain.
1.It’s drizzling.
it’s raining lightly.
boondha baandi ho rahi hai
phawar phar rahi hai

  1. it’s pouring.
    taiz ya tofani barish ho rahi hai
    This is a heavy rain.
    It’s raining heavily.
  2. is it’s raining cats and dogs.
    tofani shor wali barish ho rahi hai
    it means that it’s raining heavily
  3. I got caught in a downpour
    zor dar barish
    heavy rainfall
  4. I think the rain is letting up.
    barish kam ho rahi hai
    mere khayal sey barish khatam ho rahi hai
    mere khayal sey barish rokney wali hai

07 ways to say that you are tired

  1. I’m exhausted
    main thaka hua h
    I’m tired.
  2. I’m dead tired.
    boahat bohat thaka hua ho
    means very very tired.
    It means that I cannot walk.

3.I’m pooped
main thaka hua ho.

  1. I’m beat
    meri himat jawab dai gai main bohat thaka hua ho
    This means that there is no energy left in my body and I should go to bed.

5.I can hardly keep my eyes open.
main bohat bohat thaka hua ho
main muskil sey apni aankhein khuli rakh sakta ho
It means that I’m very very tired.
6.I’m off to bed.
main soney ja raha ho
main thaka hua ho

  1. it’s bed time.
    It means that you must go to bed right now.
    majhey lazmi sona hai
    main bohat thak gya

five phrases for promises and resolutions.
01.I really should.
jab hum kio khud sey wada kartey hai
This is the way that we are promising ourselves.
I really should stop drinking
main sharab chor do ga main ahad karta ho
main sharab nehi piyo ga
I really should stop smoking.
main cigerate nehi piyo ga
main cigerat chor do ga

  1. I promise that I will.
    main wada karta ho k main

I promise that I will call you back soon.
main wada karta ho main tumhey thori der mein call karta ho
main wada karta ho main jald phone karo ga
Mom I promise you that I will finish my homework on time.
mom main wada karta ho main waqt per apna kam khatam karlo ga
Dad I promise that I will bring the car on time
dad main wada karta ho main waqt per ghari le ao ga

  1. I swear I will.
    I swear I’ll
    main kasam kahta ho main
    I swear I’ll stop smoking
    main kasam kahta ho main cigerate chor do ga
    I swear I’ll come on time
    main kasam kahta ho main waqt per ao ga

I swear I’ll fix this car.
main kasam kahta ho main es car ko theak kar do ga

  1. no matter what happens.
    chahye kuch bhi ho jaye
    no matter what happens I’m going to finish my homework today.
    chahye kuch bhi ho jaye main aj apna kam khatam karo ga

No matter what happens I’m going to actually visit you.
chahye kuch bhi ho jaye main tumhrey pass chakar lagao ga
5.Come hell or high water.
I’ll visit my grandfather on Fridays. So come hell or high water.
chahye kuch bhi ho jaye main juma ko main apni dadi k pass chakar lagao ga
main jumey ko dadi sey milo ga chaye kuch bhi ho jaye
8 Excuses for being late.
1.Sorry I’m late.
mazrat chahta ho deir honey ki waja sey
2.I overslept
main der sey utha
main ziyda so gaya
3. my alarm didn’t go off.
mera alaram ajj baja nehi
I was late to work today because my alarm didn’t go off.
majhey ajj kam per daer ho gayi kyo ka alarm baja nehi

  1. I had to wait ages for a bus
    majhey bohat ziyda daer tak bus ka intizar klarna parha tha
    means a very long time
  2. the bus was late
    bus late thi
    I’m late because the bus was late.
    majhey daer es liye hui kyo meri bus late hui

6.The traffic was terrible.
Traffic jam thi
traffice bohat ziyda thi

  1. I couldn’t find a parking spot.
    majhey parking ki jaga nehi mili
  2. I got lost coming here
    main yaha atey hue rasta kho gaya tha

5 ways to say someone is correct
1.That’s right.
means that’s correct.
That’s spot on.
That’s another way to say that somebody is correct.
Correct or accurate.
3.You’ve hit the nail on the head.
It means to be exactly right about something.

  1. I suppose so.
    that somebody is right.
  2. I’m afraid you’re right
    Use this in a response to bad news to say that the bad news is correct.

8 Ways to Say Someone is Wrong

  1. I’m afraid that’s not right.
    somebody is not right or correct.
    main mazrat chahta yeh theak nehi
    main mazrat chahta ho woh galati per hai
  2. I’m afraid you are mistaken.
    I’m afraid he means I’m sorry.
    main mazrat chahta ho tum galati per ho
  3. You’ve got it wrong.
    another way to say that somebody is not correct
    somebody is not right.
    tum galat ho
    tum galat samjhey ho
    tum galati per ho

4.That’s all wrong.
This is another great way to say somebody is not correct.
sub kuch galat ho raha hai
sub ghalat hai

  1. Bull shit.
    Informal way in a rude and informal way so we say actually bullshit.
    yeh bakwas hai
    yeh galat hai
  2. you are barking up the wrong tree.
    tum es barey mein galat ho
    tum yeh galat jaga chila rahe ho
    tum galat ho
    It’s means to be wrong about the reason for something or the way to achieve something.
  3. You’re talking rubbish.
    tum bakwas kar rahi ho
    tum galat ho
    This is a rude and informal way to say that somebody is not correct.

8.Where did you hear that that’s bullshit.
yeh bakwas tumney kaha sey suni
yeh galat hai tum ney kaha sey suna
yeh jouth hai tumney kaha sey suna
How to say somebody or someone is smart and clever.
Hello everybody here we are going to learn seven great ways to say somebody or someone is smart and clever.

  1. He’s a really sharp
    main waqie mein chalak hai
    means intelligent and smart.
  2. She is a brilliant
    she is very clever
    woh shandar hai
    woh calak hai
  3. he’s very bright.
    meaning : smart and clever
    woh bohat acha aur calak hai
  4. She’s a genius.
    meaning : very talented person
    woh bohat talented hai
  5. She’s a smart cookie.
    she’s very very clever.
    woh bohat bohat ziyda calak hai
  6. She’s as sharp as a tack.
    Means she’s very clever
    woh calak hai bohat

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