13 useful Sentences and Q/A for daily use

Lesson 16: 17 useful English Sentences with questions and answers 

Lesson 15 daily use sentences
Lesson 15 daily use sentences

these are 13 useful sentences and questions and answer for daily use


How is the weather there? waha ka masoom kaisa hai
Generally, it is the hot arzi tor par garam hai
What is the major occupation of the people? logo k khas karobar kia hai
What do people do there? waha log kia karta hai
What language is spoken there? waha konsi zaban boli jati hai
People speak English, Urdu and Arabic log  arbi urdu aur angrazi
Where does he live? wo kaha rehta hai
Be here tomorrow kal yahi milna
Run fast tas bhago
Just coming bas ai/ bus ayi
Don’t cross your limit apni had par mat kro
Be in your limit apni had mai raho
What does he work? wo kia kam karta hai

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