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lesson 15 Urdu to English Sentences of Daily Use

Lesson 15: English Sentences in Urdu

learn-english-through-basic-sentences-In-urdu-and-hindi-lesson-fifteen-15-300x225 lesson 15 Urdu to English Sentences of Daily Use
learn english through basic sentences In urdu and hindi lesson fifteen 15


Urdu to English Sentences of Daily Use


I live in your neighbourhood mai tumhray paros mai rhata hun
I know him for a long time mai usko kafi arsay s janta hun
Can you read this story to me kia tum mere liye yeh kahani parh sakte ho
For god sake leave me alone khuda ka lia mujha akala chor do
Let me think mujha sochnay do
Let me go mujha jana do
Let me solve this  problem mujha ya masla hal karna do
Don’t show me your teeth mujha apna daant mat dekho
Let me do this mujha ya karna do
Good to hear Sun kar acha laga
Great full shukar guzar
I am in luck these days mai khush kismat hun in dino
You should come up tumha hosh mai ana chahiya
In luck khush kismat
I am not married mai shadi shuda nhi hun
My mother is housewife mari ami ghre lu khatoon hai
Do you know what I mean tumha pata hai mara matlb kia hai
Yor are coward tum darpok ho
You often crackle but never lay egg tum bolta bht karta kuch nhi
Wishful thinking Khushfami
It is your wishful thinking ya tumhari khush fami hai
Hope you understand umeed karta hun tum samjho gai
I will see you mai tumhay dekhlo gi
Keep quite kamosha rho

51 Useful proverbs all English speakers should know

Life is never about the people who Act truly in front of you…..!‘’

it is always about the people who remain true behind your back’’

‘’sweet things are easy to buy but  Sweet people are difficult to find.

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