20 Basic English Phrases With Urdu Meaning

Lesson 20: English Sentences  and Basic English Phrases With Urdu Meaning

Basic English phrases
Basic English Sentences
These (plural form of this ) Yeh ( aik se ziyda cheazien ko liye)
Those (plural form of that). Wooh/ UN ( Aik se ziyda cheazien )
These are books. Yeh kitabain hai
These are not books. Yeh kitabain nehi hai
What are these? Yeh kiya hai(aik se ziyda)
Are these books? Kiya yeh kitabain hai
Those are pencils. Wooh penciley hai
Those are not pencils. Wooh penciley nehi hai
Are those pencils? Kya wooh penciley hai
What are those? Who kiya hai

Full stop is not ending Because

we can write A new sentence after it

Same way in life Failure is not the real End but it is the

Beginning  of new Success……..! ‘’


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