20 Sentences using Days of the week in English ! Urdu

Lesson Eighty-Three 83 Sentences using Days of the week in English and Urdu

Every Monday, I drive a car.

Har peer ko mein gaari chalata hoon.


Every Tuesday, I go shopping.

Har mangal ko mein khareedari kurta hoon.


Every Wednesday, I eat pizza.

Har budh ko mein pizza khata hoon.


Every Thursday, I eat fruit.

Har jumaraat ko mein phal khata hoon.


Every Friday, I pray.

Har jumay ko mein ibadat kurta hoon.


Every Saturday, I wear shoes.

Har haftay ko mein jootay pehnta hoon.


Every Sunday, I play football.

Har itwaar ko mein futbaal khulta hoon.


This Monday, I ate an apple.

Iss somwaar ko mein nay sayb khaya tha.


This Tuesday, I saw a butterfly.

Iss mangal ko mein nay titli dekhi thi.


This Wednesday, I saw a cat.

Iss budh ko mein nay biley dekhi thi.


This Thursday, I saw a parrot.

Iss jumaraat ko main nay toota dekha tha.


This Friday, I changed a light bulb.

Iss jumay ko mein nay bulb badla tha.


This Saturday, I drove a car.

Iss haftey ko mein nay gaari chalai thi.


This Sunday, I used a paperclip.

Iss itwaar ko mein nay paper clip istemaal kya.


What day is it?

Keya din hai?


It is Thursday.

Aaj jumaraat hai.


What day is tomorrow?

Kal kon sa din hai?


Tomorrow will be Friday.

Kal jumah hai.


Is it Friday today?

kiya Aaj jumah hai?


No, it is Thursday.

Nahe. Aaj jumaraat hai.

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