Effective English Sentences Lesson Twenty One In Urdu

Lesson 21 : English Sen

Effective English Sentences
Effective English Sentences

tences in Urdu

This yard is full of children.


Yeh sehan pura bacho se bhara hua hai
What is this in the picture? Yeh kiya hai tasveer mein
One is strong. The other is weak. Aik taqatwar hai dosra kamzoor hai
That’s a good idea Yeh acha khayal hai
That’s very kind of you. Yeh app ki bohat meharbani hai
What he said is something. us ney kuch kaha kiya hai
All you have to do is add the letters. Tumhey karma hai k tumam letter shamil ya jama ho
This is my girl going into the door. Yeh darwaze mein jo rahi hai larki hai woh meri larki hai
To do as you suggest would be out of the question. Waisa hi karoo jaisa tum ney tajwees kiya k sawal se bahar ho jaye ga/us ka siwa kuch nehi
That is exactly what we want to learn. Yeh bilkul wohi hai kiya jo hum yaad karna chahte hai

Pray is the most powerful weapon Against troubles.

the most effective Medicine against illness.& most

valuable gift to someone so I  Pray for you.

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