Basic English To Urdu Sentences For beginners

lesson twenty twoLesson 22 : English Sentences in urdu

I am a girl. Main larki ho
I am not a girl. Main larki nehi ho
Are you a girl? Kiya tum larki ho
Who are you? Tum kon hoo
How old are you? Tum kitne saal k hoo
How are you? Tum kaisey ho
Where are you? Tum kaha per ho
My father is in his office. Mere abu apne daftar mein hai
Who’s that man over there? Yeh kon banda hai waha per
I’m eight years old Main 8 saal ka ho
It is seven. It must be seven. Yeh 7 hai , yeh lazman saath ho ga
It is difficult. Yeh muskhil hai
It is wonderful. Yeh harat aangeez hai
It’s ten o’clock. 10 baje hai

Value your friends

A friend is a person who forgives you Before you

say sorry … understands you before you start explaining… and stays with you

even if you say ‘’leave me alone’’


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