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Lesson 23 : English Sentences in urdu

Lesson 23
Lesson 23


It is time for you to get up. Yeh waqt hai tumhre uthne ka
I’m interested in this book. Majhy dilchaspi hai es kitab mein
I’m very fond of you as a friend. Majhey khushi ho gi tumhey dost bana kar
I’m thirsty. Main piyasa ho
I’m busy just now. Main bus abhi masroof ho
I’m afraid.

I’m sure.

I’m sorry.

Majhey dar hai

Majhey yaqeen hai

Main mazrat kha ho

I’m glad you like it.

(I’m glad to hear your good news.)

Majhey khushi hui tumhey yeh pasand aya

Majhey khushi hui yeh khabar sun kar

I’m ready for breakfast. Main tayar ho nashte k liye
I’m good at tennis. Main tennis mein acha ho
What time is it? Waqt kiya ho raha hai
It’s two minutes past six. 6 baj k 2 minutes hue hai
It’s half past seven. 7:30 hue hai
It’s a quarter past five. 5:15 minute hue hai
It’s two minutes to six.  6 BAJNE MEIN 2 MINUTE RAHTE HAI
It’s two o’clock sharp. Purey 2 baje hai
It’s 6:30. 6 baj kar 30 minutes hue hai
How many are they? Kitne hai wooh log

‘don’t  walk front of me Don’t walk beside me  Walk with me and be my friend


Telling the time In English And Urdu Language
(waqt batana angreezi aur urdu mein)

(I did mistake in previous lesson so I am going to correct It) (maine aik galati ki thi apne pichley sabak mein toh main usey theak karne ja raha ho)

Say the minutes first and then the hour. (Minutes + PAST / TO + Hour)




For minutes 1-30 we use PAST after the minutes.

2:28- It’s twenty eight past two (2 baj k 28 min hue hai)
4:25 – It’s twenty five past four (4 baj k 25 min hue hai)
11:20 – It’s twenty past eleven (11 baj k kar bees min hue hai)
4:18 – It’s eighteen past four (4 baj kar 18 min hue hai)
6:10 – It’s ten past six (6 baj k 10 min hue hai)


For minutes 31-59 we use TO after the minutes.

2:35 – It’s twenty-five to three

(2 baj k 35 min hue hai ya 3 bajne mein 25 min rahte hai)

8:51 – It’s nine to nine

(8 baj k 51 min hue hai ya 9 bajne mein 9 min rahte hai)

2:59 – It’s one to three

(2 baj k 59 min hue hai ya 3bajne mein 1 min rahta hai)

7:55 – It’s five to Eight

(7 baj kar 55 min hue hai ya 8 bajne mein 5 min rahte hai)


When it is 15 minutes past the hour we normally say: a quarter past

7:15 – It’s a quarter past seven

(7 baj k 15 min hue hai )

12:15 – It’s quarter past twelve

(12 baj k 15 min hue hai)


When it is 15 minutes before the hour we normally say: a quarter to

12:45 – a quarter to one

12 baj k 45 min hue hai ya aik bajne mein 15 min baki hai

9:45 – It’s quarter to ten

9 baj k 45 min hue hai ya 10 bajne mein 15 min baki hai


When it is 30 minutes past the hour we normally say: half past

3:30 – It’s half past three (but we can also say three-thirty)

(3 baj k 30 min hue hai)

10:30 – It’s half past ten

(10 baj k 30 min hue hai)

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