Lesson 25 Urdu To English Translation

These are some common Urdu to English Translation Lesson 25: English Sentences in UrduBasic Urdu To English Translation

I have a pencil and two books Mere pass aik pencil aur 2 kitbien hai
I have  a pair of shoe Mere pass jhotey ki aik jori  hai
I have a pair of scissors Mere pass kanchi ki aik jori hai
I have a pair of slippers Mere pass chappal ki jori hai
I have a cup of tea Mere pass chahye ka cup hai
I have two packets of sugar Mere pas chini k 2 packet  hai
I have a piece of chalk Mere pass aik chok ka tokra hai
I have a bag of rice Mere pass chawal ki bori hai
I have a slice of bread Mere pass dabal roti ka tokra hai

‘’The best times of your life are those when

You say ‘’yes I am fine’’ and you have some

One who looks into your eyes and says enough

Now tell me truth’’




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