English To Urdu Translation Lesson 26

Lesson 26 English Sentences With English To Urdu Translation for studentsEnglish To Urdu Translation

I have a bowl of soup Mere pass soop ka aik tokara hai
I have a box of matches Mere pass matches ka aik daba hai
I have a lot of rice Mere pass bohat chawal hai
I have a great deal of water Mere pass aik bohat acha pani ka soda hai
I have not (=haven’t) a red pencil. Mere pass red pencil nehi hai
Do you have any pencils?

(In England) Have you any pencils?

Kiya tumhrey pass kio pencil hai?

Kiya tumhrey pass kio pencil hai?

What do you have?

((In England) What have you?

Tumhre pass kiya hai

Tumhre pass kiya hai

How many sisters do you have? Tumhri  kitni behne hai
Do you have anything to eat? Kiya tumhre pass kuch khane ko hai
He has some letters for your father. Us k pass kuch khat hai app abu k liye

English Sentences in Urdu

It is obvious that you will get scared at first

But still, try your best its one life challenge

It! But your self that you have to do it. Every

One else can! Then why cant me.


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