Learn Basic English Phrases And Sentences In Urdu Lesson 35

Lesson 35: Learn Basic English Phrases And Sentences In Urd

Do you want to hear them? Kya tum sunna chahte ho unhey
Do you want to know what they are? Kiya tum janna chahte ho woh kiya hai
It can not be rushed Yeh jaldi bazi mein nehi ho sakta
Try to relax and take it easy Koshish karo sakoon se karo aur aur esy halka lo
Don’t worry about making mistakes Pershan mat ho galatiya karne se
Sometimes you fall off kabhi kabar app gir jate ho
The teacher will decide How well you progress Yeh ustaad faisla karey ga app mein kitni traki ki
My lessons are aimed at everyone Mere sabak ki simat sub k liye hai
You will discover Tumhey pata lag jaye ga /tum daryfat kar lo gai
Where have you been? Tum kaha they
It’s so good to see you again Tum se dobra mil kar khushi hui
If you are in a hurry Ager tum jaldi mein ho
Maybe catch up with you again soon Sayad tum se jaldi milo ga


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Hurting someone is easy as cutting a tree

But making someone happy is like growing

a tree  and  it takes a lot of time so ‘’don’t hurt anyone’’

Hurting others is easy, like cutting trees. But making someone happy is very difficult, like growing trees. So don’t hurt others, be happy & make everyone happy.


If you don’t understand watch this video 

Video Is recorded by TARIQ AZIZ


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