Useful English phrases with sentences In Urdu Lesson 36

Lesson 36: Useful English phrases with sentences In Urdu


What are you trying to say 

Tum kya kehna chahte ho ? 


Get to the point 

Kam ki bat karo . 


Water is off 

Pani nahin a raha. 


Electricity is off 

Light nahin arahi . 


You are in the wrong 

Tum ghalti per ho . 


Stay within your status 

Apni aoqaat mei raho . 


This matter is out of question 

Is muamlay mei koi bat nahi hogi.


 I am pushed for money 

Mera hath tang hai 


There is no place for doubt 

Is mei shak ki koi gunjaish nahi . 


I am my own master 

Mei apni marzi ka malik hou .


He always goes by reason 

Woh hamesha soch samajh Kar kam karta hai .


It is not your business 

Yea tomhara mamla nahi ha 


Why do you do it again and again? 

Tum aesa bar bar qun karte ho 


Don’t make excuses 

Bahanee mat banao 


You got it 

Tum sahe samjhe 


You took my words 

Tum ne mere mon ke bat chhen le 


That’s for damn sure 

Yea belkol dorost ha 


Are you following me? 

Kya tum mere bat samagh rahe ho 


You are just in time

Tum belkol waqt par aee ho 


You are unnecessarily worried 

Tum bela waga pareshan ho rahe ho



 If people criticise you, Hurt you, or shout at you, don’t bother just remember in every game audience make the noise, not the players’’

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