Learning Basic Phrases to speak English fluently

Lesson 37: Learning Basic Phrases to speak English fluently 

Learning Basic Phrases to speak English fluently

Where are you now? Tum abhi kaha ho
Where were you yesterday? Tum kal kaha they
How much is this for? Yeh kitne ka hai
How is your family? Tumhrey gher waley kaisey hai
How are your kids? Tumhrey bachey kaisey hai
How many experiences do you have? App ka kitne saal ka tajarba hai
What is your salary expectation? App ko tanqha ki tawaqo hai
how much does it cost? Es ki kiya kimat hai / yeh kitne ka hai
Fit as a fiddle Aik dam theak
Pretty well Bilkul theak
Have a good day App ka din acha guzrey
Where is your residence or home? App ka gher kaha hai/app ki rihayish kaha hai
How many hours drive? Kitne gantey ka safar hai
It is about 2 hours journey by road Sartak k rastey se app ko 2 gantey lage gai
It is lazy and it is lousy Yeh susat hai or yeh dhela hai
Consistency regular/mustaqal mizajii

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