Useful English phrases -Basic English Speaking Lesson 39

Lesson Thirty-nine Learn English With Mr. Tariq Aziz, In this lesson, I will teach you basic English speaking lesson – Useful English phrases

what is this, Tariq?/ what’s this, Tariq Yeh kiy hi Tariq

it’s/it is a book (yeh kitab hai)

it is a pen ( yeh pen hai)

it is a glass ( yeh glass hai)

it is a bus ( yeh bus hai)

it is a horse ( yeh ghorra hai)

it is a house ( yeh gher hai)

it is a sofa ( yeh sofa hai)

it is a pencil ( yeh pencil hai)

it is a box ( yeh daba ya carton hai)

it is a star ( yeh star hai )

it is a cat ( yeh billi hai)

it is a mouse ( yeh choua hai)

it is a spoon ( yeh chamcha hai)

it is desk ( yeh table hai)

it is a ship ( yeh pani ka jahaz hai)

it is a shop ( yeh dokan hai )

it is a hat ( yeh topi hai )

it is a cup ( yeh cup hai )

it is a plate  ( yeh plate hai

it is a picture ( yeh tasveer hai )

it is a bicycle ( yeh sayikil hai )

it is a car ( yeh ghari hai)

it is a fork ( yeh kaanta chori hai )

ab hum en tamam jumlo ko aik se ziyda cheazo k liye use karey

what are they, Tariq? ( wooh kiya haii )

they are cars

they are cups

they are cats

they are boxes

they are plates

they are shops

they are hats

they are books

they are forks

they are desks

why you have so many masjids and visit them if Allah is everywhere ?air is everywhere but we still need a fan to make feel it

Everyone is not my friend but my friends are not just like everyone.

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