47 Inspirational Quotes that changed your life

here are 47 Inspirational Quotes

Four steps to great life

‘’Look back and thank Allah
Look forward and trust Allah
Look around and believe Allah
Look within you and find Allah’’

50 Inspirational Quotes
50 Inspirational Quotes


The moment you come in tension
You lose your attention and creates for
You irritation and spoil personal reputation
Understand the situation and try to find the
The solution, many problems are solved with discussion
And it works better for your profession don’t think
It’s my free suggestion and it is only for your prevention
if you understand my intention you will never come again in
‘’ tension’’


beautiful lines were written by Tariq Aziz

Sometimes, I feel alone but everyone
With me like my family & friends
Why am I alone, I wanna cry but
There are no tears in my eyes….
Sometimes I wanna die but I don’t
Die coz I am bad person ll- Tariq –ll
I am not a good person and I don’t
Know when I die because I am
Missing something in my life that
Is death and I am living for death.

Love to every one trust on someone.

british: why you have so many masjids and visit them if Allah is everywhere?
muslim: air is everywhere but we still need a fan to make feel it


beautiful lines and inspirational quotes that changed your life


Never design your character like a garden where anyone
can walk!
design your character like the sky where everyone desire to reach…!

A lovely thought

Worries are like a bird
Let them fly over you but
Do not give them a chance
To build a ‘’nest’’ on your head.

An Amazing truth

‘’People fight for relation, die for the relation
But don’t follow relation’’


Candle in the wind

A beautiful promise from a friend to a friend
If at any time, your life is like a ‘’candle in the wind.’’
I have put my hands around you so that’s all the burns
Are mine & all the light is yours.

beautiful lines and inspirational quotes that changed your life
beautiful lines and inspirational quotes that changed your life
A true friend

A true friend irritates when you say I am sad
Laughs when you say I am sorry
Smiles when you say miss you
Kicks when you say I am busy.

Virganity is not dignity
Its just lack of opportunity.


‘’Life is a rope that swings us through hope ‘’
Always believe that today is better than


Tomorrow will be much better than today


fantastic opportunity pleasure and pain are two
Sides only one side is visible at a time .but
Remember another side also waiting for you.

Between Yesterday’s Mistakes & Tomorrow’s HOPE’ There Lies A Fantastic Opportunity That is TODAY So Live It Lively.


‘’A blind man bagging with a board written I‘m blind please help me ‘’1 guy took the board and written something and from that, he got heavy charity.
He wrote ‘’today is a beautiful day but I cant see.’’That’s the power of expression! Expressed in
Right way can change many things.


Don’t fear for facing failure in the first attempt,
Because the successful maths starts with ‘’zero’’


there is no tomorrow

Laugh like you have never cried
Play like you have never lost
Love like you have never been hurt
Live like there is no tomorrow


keep your behaviour at the best level.

Good behaviour can cover the lack of beauty
But beauty can never cover the lack of good behaviour
So keep your behaviour at the best level.

Listen to your elders advice not because
They are always right but because of they
Have more experience of being wrong.


Stones in your Path

People will always throw stones in your
Path… it depends on you
What do you make from these stones
A wall of difficulties or
A bridge of success.


We often fail to understand the feeling
Of the one who is very close to our
Heart because the book when hold very
Close to our eyes is very difficult to read.


Story Trust Allah! his plans are always better than us’


A sailor stuck in an island where he was
Only survivor… he made a hut for shelter
Day and night he prayed and waited for
Someone to rescue him but nobody came
He stored food in the but for his survival
But one day the hut burnt and nothing
Was left …. He was so angry and said, God
Why have you done this to me the next day
Rescuers came n he was saved … he asked
How did know I was here? they said. we
Saw a smoke signal.
‘’ Trust Allah!his plans are always better than us’

A quote which means a lot

Be with someone who knows what they
Have, when they have you.

A lovely quote after losing a great friend

‘’I miss your smile a lot. But I miss my own
Smile more’’


Be close to someone who makes you
Happy but be closen to that person who
Can’t be happy without you feel the difference.’’

I know everything about him except that he
He Loves me or not
He doesn’t know anything about me except
That I love him.

Waves are inspiring, not because they
Rise and fall, but because they never
Fail to rise again, have a rising day.

Destiny is not a matter of chance its
The matter of choice its not the thing
To be waited for it’s the thing to be

I may not always give what is expected
In a friendship.
I may get busy with my own life but deep
Inside me lives a heart that values you more
you will never know.

Life is like a novel & every day is a new page
So if a page is sad next will be happy so
Don’t worry, just turn the –page & enjoy it.

I very true line about my dear friends
Everyone is not my friend but my friends are
Not just like everyone.

Life is like a coin
Pleasure and pain are the 2 sides
Only one side is visible at a time
But remember another side is also waiting
For its turn.

If people criticise you
Hurt you, or shout at you,
don’t bother just remember ‘’
‘’in every game audience make
the noise not the players’’

To kill an enemy you required a sword or
A gun but to kill a loved one, just being
Silent is enough To kill


Mistakes are painfull when they happen
But years later a collection of mistakes
Called experience which lead us to success.

‘’A husband’s cute love quote’’
Every my child too started 2 walk
Without any support but my wife
Still, need to hold my while walking.

Relationships are precious
Don’t make them for granted
It’s sad but true that the worst
pain in life is when someone
you know turns in someone
you knew.

inspirational quotes about life and happiness

in the dark shadows of life when you lose

the spirit to survive the true friend’’ comes
& stand by your side you might not have said
But they still understand, you might not have
Asked but they still lend a hand, they know your
Secrets they understand your fears they give you
Smile & wipe out your tears, their laughter sound
like music to your ears the broken heart dances with
cheer when the true friend comes & whisper that
(i care)

Life means missing expected things and facing
Unexpected things…. When you are right no one
Remembers but when you are wrong, no one
forgets that’s life.

Winning horse does not know
‘’Why he wins ‘’he runs because of beats
And pains. If you are feeling trouble in your
Life .’’ it means God wants you to win’’

A little fish ask her mom.
Why can we not live on earth?
She said oh my innocent kid….
Earth is made for selfish, not for fish.

Honey bees
Must ‘tap’ 200 flowers to make one drop
Of honey remember !the sweetest reward
Comes from the hardest struggle’’

‘’One day I asked Allah for a bunch of beautiful flowers.
Instead, he gave me cactus with thrones later, I asked
Him to give me butterflies instead, he gave me worms…
I was disappointed and I wept but a few days later, I noticed
That’s the cactus bloomed with beautiful flowers, and the
worms soon… became butterflies ‘’

Allah wants us to wait for the right time, for he knows all
the best that he can give … always trust in Allah.


Golden words

Never say I failed 1000 times say that I discovered 1000ways
That can cause failure.

When you start caring about yourself ….
You start loving somebody ….
But you start caring about others
Somebody start loving you…

I saw a very meaning full sentence
Written at a graveyard….!
As you are … so we were as a
As we are … so shall you be…

inspirational quotes about life and struggles,

A great relationship is formed because of
Two reasons.
First is to find out the similarities
Second is to respect the differences.


Only a few loving hearts can easily identify
Some little lies in your smile & some
More truth in your tears never let them
Go from your life.

Nice quote

Smiling has always been easier
Then explaining why I am sad.



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