Five Phrases For Talking And Speaking About Rain

five phrases for talking and speaking about rain.

here are some important topics

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  1. It’s drizzling

it’s raining lightly.

boondha baandi ho rahi hai

phawar phar rahi hai


  1. it’s pouring.

taiz ya tofani barish ho rahi hai

This is a heavy rain.

It’s raining heavily.


  1. is it’s raining cats and dogs.

tofani shor wali barish ho rahi hai

 it means that it’s raining heavily 


  1. I got caught in a downpour 

zor dar barish 

 heavy rainfall


  1. I think the rain is letting up.

barish kam ho rahi hai

mere khayal sey barish khatam ho rahi hai

mere khayal sey barish rokney wali hai

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