5 ways to ask for help

5 ways to ask for help In English With Urdu Translation

If you want to ask your friends for help do you understand the formal and informal way and how do you ask for help

OK let’s get started.

  1. I need a little help.

Majhey choti sey madad chahye

I need a little help. Can you help me with my homework.

 majhey tumhri thori sey madad chahye 

kia tum mere homework mein meri madad kar sakti ho

  1. could you help me out.

Tum kisi banday ka saath us ka kam ka hisa ho

 ya phir tum kisi ko paisey da rahe hai

Meaning : You do a part of someone’s work or give someone money.

For example

her parents helped her out with five hundred dollars loan.

us ka ma baap ney paanch hazar dollar loan da kar usi ki madad ki


5 Ways to Ask for Clarification In English With Urdu Explanation


  1. could you give me a hand.

kisi ka kam mein madad dena

kisi ka kam karwana us ka saath

What does give somebody hand, hand usually use for physical tasks for example.

 Could you give me a hand in cleaning this Room?

kiya tum meri madad karo gi es kamrey ko saaf karwaney mein

Sarah says I have trouble solving math problems. I know you are good at math. Could you please give me a hand.

sarah kahti hai majhey math mein masla hai main janti ho app math mein achi ho kiya app meri math mein madad karey gi


  1. Could you spare a couple of minutes.

It means to give time or money to someone.

Kisi ko waqt dena ya paisa

For example

I have to go soon but I can spare a few minutes.

Majhey jald jana lekin mera thora waqt hai

Can you spare me some change.

Kya tum majhey kuch khula dai sakty ho


  1. Could you do me a favor.

 I guess you have lots of information about making delicious pasta. Could you do me a favor  and tell me about this recipe.

mera khayal hai tumhey bohat sari  malomat hai pasta bananey mein kiya tum meri madad kar sakti us ki recipe bata kar

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