Impress कर देने वाली English सीखों – Short English Phrases

Lesson Eighty-One 81 Impress कर देने वाली English सीखों –Smart & Short English Phrases – English Speaking Practice by Tariq Aziz

English Speaking Practice

If people eat too much, they get fat.

Ager ziyda khaye gai toh motey ho jaye gai


If you touch a fire, you get burned.

ager aag ko hath lagao gai jal jao gai


People die if they don’t eat.

Aer log nehi khaye gai mar jaye gai


You get water if you mix hydrogen and oxygen.

tumhey pani miley ga ager tum hydrogen or oxygen milao gai


Snakes bite if they are scared.

ager daro gai toh saap kaatley ga


If babies are hungry, they cry.

Bhook lagti hai toh bacha/bachey rota hai


I have done this deliberately/ intentionally.

Main ne yeh jan bojh kar kia.


Why don’t you speak?

Tum boltey kyon nehi


Do you know?

Kiya tumhey pata bhi hai


What would people think?

Log kiya sochey gai


Tariq stop caring about people.

Tariq logo ki parwa karna chor do


There is no love like the first love.

pehley piyar jaisa koi piyar nahi


We used to be friends.

hum dost hua karte thy


Thank you for your contribution.

App key tawun ka shukriya


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