A chair English Conversation For Beginners ~ English to Urdu Translation

A chair


What is this?
Yeh kia hai


This is a chair.
Yeh kursi hai


How many parts has it?
Es ka kitney hisay hai
Yeh kitney hiso per mustamil hai


It has four parts.
Es ka 4 hisay hai
Yeh 4 hiso per mustamil hai


What are these?
Woh konsey hisay hain
Woh kia hain

All Fruit Names In English And Urdu

These are a Back . a Seat. Two arms and four legs.
Aik kamar rakhney ki jaga
Aik seat Do hath rakhney ki jaga
Aur chaar taangey

Fill the Correct Subject And Possessive Pronouns In The Blank

What is the seat made of?
Seat kis cheaz ki bani hui hai


it is made of cane.
Yeh lathi ya charhi ki bani hui hai


what are the other parts made of?.
Baki hisay kis cheaz ka baney hue hai


Other parts are made of wood.
Baki hisey larki k baney hue hai


Who made it?
Esey kon banata hai


Carpenter made it .
Carpenter esy banata hai
Carpenter ney esi banaya hai


How much is it?
What is the price?
Yeh kitni ki hai
Es ka paisey kitney hai


It’s price is Thousand rupees
Es ki qimat 1000 rupe hai
Yeh 1000 rupees ki hai


What is it for
Yeh kis kam ati hai
Yeh kis liye hoti hai
Es ka kia fiyda hai


It is to sit in.it is nice think to take rest in it.
Es per behtey hai es per aram karna ka bhi socha ja sakta hai


Who sit in this chair?
Es kursi per kon behthta hai


My teacher sits in this chair
Mere ustaad es kursi per bethtey hai

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