Is it allowed to have a girlfriend or boyfriend in Islam?

We always make Girlfriend or boyfriend but do you know the meaning of girlfriend or boyfriend and if you say yes  so I think you should find the real meaning of boyfriend after that you feel shame on yourself either you are girl or boy


01 Sin That Dooms A Person To Hell

a Sin That Dooms A Person To Hell


Do you know 90 percent people have relationships and they are boys, girls, man, women, elder, younger, married, unmarried  all including in this sin

If you ask anyone do you have a boyfriend or do you have a girlfriend?

The answer will be yes, of course, I have a boyfriend, I have a beautiful girlfriend

Is it our culture? Is it our religion?

Affairs or relationships without marrying are very common in our culture nowadays and we think it is a love and its really funny check this out

How many girlfriends you have?

Someone said: More than four girlfriends

How many boyfriends do you have?

A girl said this: More than 5 boyfriends

Above statement is taken from youngsters


You will reap as you sow


We make gf but when our sisters make boyfriend so we get angry we think it is bad we try to beat her boyfriend and we forget we have also made girlfriend that girl is also someone’s sister (agree/disagree)

We hide our sisters and say wear abbaya to her we make ourselves like we are too good but we look at girls, we stare at them like we never see any girl before hahahhaha it’s a true  and in this time we don’t remember our religion we don’t remember what is good or bad and  we don’t feel shame and say we don’t have any sister or wife at home and ALLAH will never forgive you if you do with someone and you will also face this problem at your home in future

As you sow, so shall you reap.


kuch sawalat ka jawab dai zarror

Answers some questions 

1. Do you think it is good to make boyfriend or girlfriend In Islamic Point of view?

2. what do you think “Is it allowed to have a girlfriend or boyfriend in Islam?”

3. what is your opinion about making girlfriend or boyfriend?

4. in Islam is it haram to have a boyfriend or girlfriend?

5. a relationship in Islam before marriage kissing and hugging before marriage?6

6. what is the halal relationship in Islam?


don’t forget to watch this video till the end

Learn English Through Story

Top Story Protect your modesty for your real life partner By Tariq

Let’s talk about married or unmarried

I saw many man and women they have still affairs after getting married

Do you love your wife /husband and children?

Some People say like this>>>>>

I love my husband but he doesn’t love me so I have affair   (lame excuse )

I don’t love my husband and I did not want to marry that’s why I have a relationship with someone

My husband beats me  and he has affair so why not I do

I love my wife but she is now old so I made a girlfriend for time pass

Nobody loves me and he/she loves me a lot


truth always so painful


We make a friend who is sincere, we make girlfriend who is smart and good looking and we want to marry a girl who never talks with a boy ( very funny but true)

Why don’t you search these qualities in your wife or husband why are you looking for someone

I really feel shame for those men and woman who has boyfriend or girlfriend after married

You will never become a happy person

You guys and girls are lustful

You are running and running and running there is no end for you

You never think about your children

You never think about ALLAH

You never think about what you are really now?

we never talk without any benefit or we need something so we always talk  people otherwise we say this “who are you?” I always think why do people not think about others they always think about themselves

it is very hard to understand this fake world because we are used to like other daughters,


Chashman Faraz said to me about this topic

Islam had already taught us about these things but unfortunately, we always pick negative things

Tariq Said

“we don’t want to listen to positive thought if we listen we never do if we do so we show off TO IMPRESS PEOPLE ”


Chashman Faraz We remember our Islam in wedding time when we want to marry with 4 girls We remember Islam when our sisters talk with someone or wife talk with namehram
Ok now I am not talking about Islam just I have a question you just think about it“when a boy fell in love “ we say wow you have a girl friend but a girl does same thing we say that she is a bad girl” very strange but trueWhen a boy does love marriage we never say anything but when a girl does love marriage we taunt at her, we beat her, we curse on her even we say our sisters brother  don’t ever talk to her coz she choose her life partner without any permission

Sorry faraz beta I did take your last line if I write they will burn up

Written by Fatima From Okara


First of all, we are Muslim. we do not have any concept of b/f and g/f in Islam. If we are following western countries and forgetting Islam then we can discuss this topic. If we consider having b/f and g/f is necessary according to modern society. And we should follow it. But according to my opinion that is all wrong. Because that thing is not part of our religion culture and society. we can just say we getting away from Islam. Whosoever boy or girl in love lose their parents. such a person can left anyone. That’s boy could not become good husband and nor girl become good wife. parents decisions are always good for us

Tip of the day

Whenever you do any work or anything

Just think before doing

Will ALLAH like it

Will ALLAH love it


Protect your modesty

Protect your modesty for your real life partner

Don’t waste your modesty for lovers , affairs and hanging with fake people

Take care your modesty for someone who is your husband or wife only

Take care your innocent for someone who is your life partner (not for your love )

Do what you want , go where you want but after married


Take care your love, innocent and modesty for your groom or bride only and don’t show yourself before marriage

Please let me know what you think

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