A knife English Conversation For Beginners ~ English To Urdu

A knife English Conversation ~ English To Urdu Translation


What is this?
Yeh kia hai

This is a knife.
yeh aik choori hai

How many parts has it?
es ka kitney hisey hai
yeh kitney hiso per mustamil hai

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it has tow parts,the handle and the blade.
es ka do hisey hai handle aur blade

how many blades has it?
es ka kitney blades hai

It has one blade.
aik blade hai

what is the blade made of?
yeh blade kis cheaz ka bana hai

The blade is made of steel.
yeh blade steal sey bana hua hai

what is the handle made of ?
es ka handle kis cheaz ka bana hai

The handle is made of wood.
es ka handle larki ka bana hua hai

who made the knife?
kon choori banata hai

A cutler made it.
choori kaatey bananey waley ney banaya hai esey

where did you get it?
kaha sey esey hasil kia

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I got if from water pump.
maine esey waterpump sey hasil kia hai

What is the price?
how much is it?
yeh kitni ki hai

its Price is 200 rupee.
yeh 200 rupee ki hai


what is it for?
yeh kis kam ati hai
It is to cut with, it is to cut pizza, meat and vegetable
es sey kata jata hai , es sey pizza ghost aur sabzi kaati jati hai

is It very sharp?
kiya yeh bohat taiz hoti hai

yes,it is.
ha yeh bohat taiz hoti hi

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