A the first letter Of the Alphabet

A1 (also a)
n noun (plural As or A’s)
1 the first letter of the alphabet.
2 denoting the first, best, or most important in a set.
3 Music the sixth note of the diatonic scale of C major, having a standard frequency of 440 Hz.
4 the human blood type (in the ABO system) containing the A antigen and lacking the B.

from A to B from one’s starting point to one’s destination.
from A to Z over the entire range.


n abbreviation
1 (in card games) ace.
2 (in showing goals or points conceded) against.
3 ampere(s).
4 (Å) ångström(s).
5 answer.
6 (in names of sports clubs) Athletic.
7 attack (in designations of US aircraft types): an A-10.
8 Austria (international vehicle registration).


a1 (an before a vowel sound)
n determiner
1 used when mentioning someone or something for the first time; the indefinite article. Øone single: a hundred. Øused when mentioning someone unfamiliar: a Mr Smith telephoned. Øsomeone like (the name specified).
2 in, to, or for each; per: petrol prices rose by 3p a litre.

Middle English: weak form of Old English an ‘one’.

On the question of using a or an before words beginning with h, see usage at an.


n abbreviation
1 (in travel timetables) arrives.
2 atto- (10-18).
3 British (with reference to sporting fixtures) away.
4 (used before a date) before. [from Latin ante.]
n symbol (a) Physics acceleration.


n prefix
1 of: anew.
2 utterly: abash.

unstressed form of of (sense 1); Anglo-Norman French a-, from Latin ex (sense 2).


n suffix forming:
1 ancient or Latinized modern names of animals and plants: primula.
2 names of oxides: baryta.
3 geographical names: Africa.
4 ancient or Latinized modern feminine forenames: Lydia.
5 nouns from Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish: stanza.

representing a Greek, Latin, or Romance feminine singular


n suffix forming plural nouns:
1 from Greek or Latin neuter plurals corresponding to a singular in -um or -on (such as addenda, phenomena).
2 in names (often from modern Latin) of zoological groups: Insectivora.


n suffix informal
1 of: coupla.
2 have: mighta.
3 to: oughta.


n adjective informal excellent.


n noun a standard European size of paper, 420 × 297 mm.


n noun a standard European size of paper, 297 × 210 mm.


n noun a standard European size of paper, 210 × 148 mm.



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