Accidents and Injuries vocabulary – Learn English Phrases

Accidents and Injuries vocabulary – Learn English Sentences and phrases! Lesson 92

how did the accident happen?

accident kaisa hua


Do you know what happened?

kiya tumhey pata hai kiya hua tha


Did anyone get hurt?

kiya kisi ko choat ayi


Two people were injured.

do log zakhmi hue


A truck flipped over today.

ajj truck ulat gaya


That’s a miracle that no one was killed. 

yeh mojzha hua hai k kio halak nehi hua


Were the injuries minor?

kiya choatain mamuli thi


Where does it hurt most?

ziyda dard kaha hota hai


Who was at fault?

kis ki galati thi

kasoor kis ka tha


A child was run over by a car.

aik bacha ghari ka nichey agaya


His house caught fire yesterday.

kal uskay gher ko agg lag gayi


Yesterday a ship sank into the sea.

kal aik jahaz samandar mein dhoob gaya


A young man was drowned in the sea.

aik nawjawan samandar mein doob gaya


The passengers were seriously injured.

musafiro ko shakt choatain ayi


A boy fell off the roof.

aik bacha chaat sey gir gaya


Some carriages were smashed.

kuch ghariya tabah ho gayi




Speaking terms

baat cheet


I don’t have speaking terms with Tariq.

meri Tariq sey baat cheet nehi hai


success hurts when you don’t have loved one to share it with when failure looks beautiful when you have loving mates to support


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