An Introduction To Marketing Translation – English Urdu

An Introduction To Marketing Translation
As more and more companies seek to do business overseas and sell their products in the worldwide marketplace, the demand for high-quality marketing translation has increased dramatically. Targeted and appropriate translations are an essential part of multilingual marketing campaigns and without them their chances of success are greatly reduced.

Marketing Translation
Marketing Translation

What is Marketing Translation?
Like all language translation, marketing translation involves the conversion of the written word from one language to another. Performed by professional translators with extensive linguist knowledge and expertise, they draw on their know-how and experience to render the source language and its meaning correctly and stylishly in the target language.
Cultural awareness and sensitivity
Marketing translation must always be performed by native speakers with country knowledge and an appreciation of the customs and etiquette. The translator must always consider the society in which the translation will be used because campaign is doomed if the message is culturally inappropriate, insensitive or ignorant to local customs and behaviours.
Compelling and creative copy
An important skill of the marketing translator is the ability to write compelling copy with creative flair. Marketers and copywriters invest a lot of time and money creating campaigns that attract, entice and intrigue the reader to the desired outcome, so the translator must accurately render the meaning (and hidden meaning) to ensure the campaign is as successful as possible.
Multilingual desktop publishing
A professional translation company should also be able to help with the desktop publishing elements of a multilingual marketing campaign. Whilst some clients choose to complete their own desktop publishing work, it is always worth remembering that there are hazards when dealing with a language you are not familiar with. For example, some of the fundamental considerations include: target language word increases, localised page structure and layout, accents, page breaks, line endings, hyphenation, and so on. Our advice here is simple: get your agency to do it or use a native speaker with experience of creative applications.
Marketing translation should always be stylish, appropriate and tailored to the target audience. It should always consider the culture in which it is being delivered and should be aligned to etiquette and customs. By adhering to these principles, multilingual marketing campaigns are given their biggest chance of success and maximum return on investment potential.
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