Application for 10 days leave

If you are worried about how to write application to principle for 10 leave then it is very easy to write application for your son to grant leave here are example

first you have to change the date (27-09-21)

2nd you need to change school name (The Smart School)

3rd you need to change (suleman Tariq) with your son’s name  and also (Class play group) class II for example

4th you have to change reason of leave ( he is going on vaction) for example he is ill or he has fever.

5th you have change (29-09-2021 to 08-10-2021)  dates

6th you have to change again reason (family vaction) due to fever/cough like this

7th you have to change (10 days) if you say 01 day so please do not add “s” in days

8th you have to mention father’s name (Tariq Aziz)
You have to mention son’s name and class (Suleman Class II)

check this out

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The Principal

The Smart School

Subject – Application for 10 days leave

Respected Sir,

With due respect, it is stated that my son Suleman Tariq is studying in your school in Class play group. He is going on vacation and will not attend the classes from 29-09-2021 to 08-10-2021 due to Family vacation. So I request you kindly to grant him 10 days leave.


Thanks in advance.

Yours faithfully,
Tariq Aziz
Father of Suleman Class II


if you face any problem let me know i will help you in writing application for your son

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