Bakra Eid English Conversation ~ Eid Poem And Information About Eid Ul Adha

Bakra Eid English Conversation, English Poem About Eid Ul Adha And Information About Eid Ul Adha (qurban festival)

Information And Common Mistakes On Eid Ul Adha

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Fast isn’t for Eid ul Adha

Bakra eid per roza nehi rakhna

Prophet Muhammad (saw) has said in a clear manner that Muslims shouldn’t fast on Eid ul Fitr and Eid ul Adha. We can fast on any day except for these two occasions. He says that Eid ul Adha is for drinking, eating and praising Allah SWT.

Sacrifice After the Prayers
The sacrifice of animals should only take place after the Eid prayers. Those who slaughter before Eid prayers, their sacrifice isn’t accepted.


The Sacrifice Shouldn’t be for People
The sacrifice that we make for Allah SWT should only be for Him and not for the people. One shouldn’t show their animals off to people and brag about the price they paid for an animal. The sacrifice should only for the sake of Allah.


Eid ul Adha is a form of Worship
Eid ul Adha is a way to worship Allah SWT. On this day we sacrifice animals in the path of Allah SWT and according to Prophet Muhammad, this day is only for the worship of Allah.


Taking care of sacrificing animals
The animals that are under the care of people for sacrifice, should be taken care of properly. They should be loved and fed in a proper manner as they are sacrificed in the path of Allah SWT.

Bakra Eid English Conversation In Urdu

What is that?
woh kia hai


That is a cow.
Woh aik gayee hai


What is that?
woh kia hai


That is a sheep.
Woh aik bhair hai


What is that?
woh kia hai


That is a goat.
Woh aik bakra hai


What is that?
woh kia hai

A knife English Conversation For Beginners ~ English To Urdu

That is a camel.
Woh aik oont hai


how do you celebrate eid ul adha?
App kis tarha bakra eid manatey ho

We Sacrifice of a sheep, cow, goat, buffalo or camel
Hum qurbani kartey hai bhair , gaye , bhais aur oont ki

What did you buy for eid ul adha?
App nay bakra eid per kia kareeda

I bought a cow
Maine gayee kareedi

Whose cow is that ?
woh gayee kis ki hai

that is my Cow.
woh meri gayee hai

What is it’s price?

What is the price

How much is it?

Es ki qimat kia hai
Yeh kitney ki hai

It’s price is One hundred & Twenty-Five Thousand.
Yeh aik lakh 25 hazar ki hai

Do all people buy a cow?
Kia tamam log gayee karedtey hai

No, some buy a goat and some buy a sheep.
Nehi kuch log bakra aur kuch log bhair kareedtey hai

What is it for?
Yeh kis liye hai

We buy an animal to sacrifice only for Allah
Hum kareedtey Quran karney k liye sirf Allah k liye

The sacrificed animal is divided into three parts. My family keeps one third, another third is given to relatives, friends, and neighbors, and the remaining third is given to the poor and needy.


Where did you get It?
Yeh tumney kaha sey hasil ki hai

I got it at a cattle market.
Maine esey mawashi mandi sey liya hai

When did you buy It?
Yeh tumney kab kareedi thi


I bought it 2 days ago.
Main yeh do din pehle kareedi thi


Do you Like a cow Or buffalo?
App ko gaye pasand hai ya bhais


I like the cow.
Majhey cow pasand hai

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Beautiful English Poem About Bakra Eid (Eid Ul Adha) Into Urdu Translation

This Poem Is Written By Tariq Aziz

Thank You, Allah, For Making This Day

Allah appka shukriya es din ko bananey k liye

Finally, after one year, we get a chance

akhir kar purey aik saal baad humhey moqa milta hai

to eat beef and mutton

bakrey ka ghost aur gayee ka ghost khaney ka

I love to eat mutton

majhey bakrey ka ghost khana pasand hai

But I forget the test of mutton and beef

lekin main bakray aur gayee ka ghost ka zayeka hi bhool gaya

I forget how tasty was it?

main bhool gaya k woh kitna lazeez tha

I forget how yummy was it

main bhool gaya yeh kitna sawadish tha

Thank you so much, My dear Allah, For Making this day

Mere Pyarey Allah Apka Boht boht shukriya es din ko bananey k liye

Today I will eat my yummy mutton and beef

ajj main khaoo ga lazeez beef aur mutton

Sorry In Advance because

pehle se maafi chahta ho kyo k

I will eat like a horse

main bohat sara khao ga

because I have been waiting for this day for one year

kyo k main es din ka aik saal sey intizar kar raha ho

I don’t know how to say thank you

main nehi janta kaisey kaho ka app ka shukriya ada karo

I don’t know how to say Love You

main nehi janta kaisey kaho ka pyar hai App sey

I just want to say Thank you Thank you Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu my dear lovely Allah

main bus kahna chahta ho bus shurkiya appka shurkiya appka bohat bohat shukriya appka mere pyarey Allah

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