Banning Of Smoking In All Public Places

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Banning of smoking in all public places
Smoking is a dangerous and harmful habit. It causes many deaths in a year because of smoking-related diseases. In the first place, it causes cancer and harms the lungs. Secondly, the cigarette smoke has bad effects on passive smokers (people who don’t smoke but are in a closed place with people who do) especially children. Furthermore, it pollutes the environment we live in. Non-smokers would prefer a smoke-free environment. Adults smoking in public set a bad example to children and teenagers. Teenagers may start smoking because a member of their family does or a friend or just to look older.
In my opinion, making life harder for smokers, i.e. the government should not give free health care to those who smoke would make them give up smoking. A ban would save lives and save the government lots of money in health costs
‘Cigarette advertising should be illegal’
Cigarettes are very harmful to the health of smokers and passive smokers alike. It makes many diseases. Let’s start with cigarette advertisements. Cigarette advertisements can be seen everywhere , on buildings ,on walls , on high ways and even magazines. Everyone sees them. Cigarette ads give teens the message that smoking can help them to become attractive, desirable, and independent by showing successful, popular and sometimes attractive people smoking when the reality is quite different. These ads do not mention the dangers of smoking. Young people may easily be influenced by cigarette ads because they sometimes try to imitate famous people like actors and singers. Smoking is very common among young people especially those who accompany bad people.
Personally, I think cigarette advertising should be illegal because these ads do not warn or remind people about the bad effects of smoking.

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