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Learn Basic English Sentences Used In Daily Life

These are the most common and basic English Sentences used in daily life, these English sentences are In Urdu and Hindi

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Lesson one by Tariq Aziz

English Urdu Sentences

Don’t move.

Hillo mat


Don’t ask.

Poucho mat


Don’t come here.

Yaha mat aoo


Don’t tell a lie.

Jouth mat bolo


Don’t forget.

Bhoolo mat /bhoolna mat


Don’t take tension.

Pershan mat ho


Don’t take tea.

Chahye mat piyo


Don’t hesitate.

Hichqichao mat


Don’t be afraid.

Daro mat


Get some water.

Thora pani lao

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Quote of the day

something is better than nothing

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Extra Basic Sentences lesson for my Students


Most Common Vocabulary we mostly use in our conversation 

You’ve gotta be kidding


you cannot be serious
pulling my leg meaning You must be joking/teasing

making a joke by lying to someone and pretending the lie is true

far-fetched: Unbelievable
all of a sudden: right away with no warning
a dime a dozen very common
I have no idea I do not know
check this out: اس کو دیکھوYa  es ko sunoo ya dheko

listen to this

as a matter of fact Yeh sach baat hai


Vocabulary has been taken from this lesson


hilna / aik jaga sey dorsi jaga jana/ apni jaga tabeel karna / حرکت / Harkat



pouchna / پوچھنا – poochhna



hasil karna / lana / dena /lena / حاصل کرنا / haasil karna



ana / aya/aye / آنا – aana



yaha / یہاں / yahaan



bolna/ batana/ kahna / بولنا


tell a lie. 

jouth bolna /جھوٹ بولنا  / jhoot bolna



bhoolna / bhool jana /بھولنا / bhulna



lena /  لینا  / layna


take tension.

pareshan hona / pershani mein mubila hona / پریشان ہونا


Take tea.

chahye pini / چائے پینی



hickhichana /ہچکچانا / hichkichaana



kuch / کُچھ



pani / پانی

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