13 WH Question words In English – Basic English WH Questions

13 WH Question words In English –  Lesson 42 Basic WH Questions With English Sentences in Urdu

How much money do they have? ان  کے پاس  کتنا پیسہ ہے؟
Who has a black car? کس کے پاس کالی گاڑی ہے؟
Why does he have whooping cough? اسےکالی کھانسی کیوں ہے؟
Why does Waseem have a pistol? وسیم کے پاس پستول کیوں ہے؟
What kind of parrots do you have? تمہارے پاس کون سے طوطےہیں؟
Where did you have your class on Saturday? تمہاری ہفتہ کوکلاس کہاں تھی؟
Why did Sarah have a lot of work to do? سارہ کے پاس کرنےکےلیےاتنا کام کیوں تھا؟
Why didn’t his brother have a home to live? اس کےبھائی کےپاس رہنے کے لیے گھر کیوں نہیں تھا؟
Who had my keys? کس کےپاس میری چابیاں تھیں؟
When did your brother have a birthday? تمہارےبھائی کی سالگرہ کب تھی؟
How much salt do you have?
تمہارے پاس کتنا نمک ہے
How much sugar do you have?
تمہارے پاس کتنا چینی ہے
Who has blue pen نیلا قلم کس کے پاس ہے



‘’A blind man bagging with a board written ‘I m blind please help me ‘’ 1 guy took the board and written something and from that, he got heavy charity. He wrote ‘’today is a beautiful day, but I cant see.’’


That’s the power of expression! Expressed in the Right way can change many things.

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