Basic English Grammar Let Vs Let’s

Basic English Grammar Lesson Let vs Let’s Requested by Saud ~ When to Use Let’s and when to use let~ #ask tariq aziz Problem 03

Difference between Let Vs Let's
Difference between Let, Let’

LET The verb let means to allow or permit someone (or something) to do something. It is followed by a direct object and the base form of a verb (the infinitive without “to”), as shown in these examples:


Basic Grammar When to use “Let”


Let them go.

Unhey janey doo


Let me explain

majhey wazahat karney do


Let me ask

majhey pouchney do


Let him go

usey(larka ko) janey do


Let her go

usey(larki ko) janey do


Let me help

majhey madad karney do

I’ll be happy to help you if you’ll let me (help you).

Maine khushi ho gi tumhrey madad kar ka ager tum majhey karney do gai toh


Don’t let this opportunity slip away!

Yeh moqa hath se janey mat dena

Es moqey ko nikalney mat dena

Es moqey ko mat khoona


His mother lets him watch TV till midnight.

Us ki ammi usey raat der tak tv dhekney deti hai

I don’t believe in letting children do whatever they want to do.

Majhey pasand nehi bachey ko moqa do ka wooh kuch bhi karna chahye kar sakey hai

Main itifaq nehi karta ka bacho ko ijzat di jaye k bachay jo chahye karey


How to use Let’s In Basic English Grammar


LET’S Let’s is a contraction of let + us. (Us is the direct object.) Let’s means we should (do something).


Let’s see

Chaloo dhektey hai

Humhey dhekna chahye

Let’s eat dinner together

chaloo mil kar raat khaana khatey hai

humhey mil kar raat ka khana khana chahye


Let’s celebrate

Chaloo jashan manatey hai


Let’s hope for the best.

Humhey achi umeed rakhni chahye


Let’s get out of here!

Chaloo yaha sey bahar chaltey hai

Humhey yaha sey bahar nikalna chahye


Let’s all remember how much we have to be thankful for.

Humhey yaad rakhna chahye humhey es k liye kitna shukar ada karna chahye


Let’s see what’s on the menu.

Chaloo dheko hai menu mein kiya hai


The expression Let’s go means hurry up!

Are you still getting dressed? Let’s go! We have to leave in five minutes!

Kiya abhi tak kaprey hi pehan rahe ho chalo jaldi karo humehey five min mein nikalna hai


Translate Into Urdu or Hindi


Let me go

Let me know

Let’s stay together

Let’s go

Let’s pretend this never happened

Make five sentences

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