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Assalam o Alaikum today i am going to share a short story “Be Smart Don’t Start Written By Sawaira Sial” and you can improve your

Be Smart Don’t Start
(Sawaira Sial)
The Night was dark so was his heart. His health was fading and his hope was dying. He remembered every second spent with her. He remembered their chuckles, sudden eye contacts, her lovely smile and her eyes full of life. All of them had disappeared in no time. The memories of past were as vivid as yesterday. From crawling to being completely o bed rest he had seen it all.
The life was beautiful . The time never stays the same. Situations changed and so did the life. His family, his lifestyle and everything around him had changed but what remained constant was his love for her and his desire for smoking.
The disease was finishing him from inside. He was like an eroding stone.He was suffering from severe lung cancer.
“How many times have I asked you not to smoke?”, She usually reminded him to quit smoking. She was upset with the routine. From the very beginning she hated smoking and smokers. She had a severe allergy from smoke and smell of burning cigarette.
He remembered her standing near him holding his hands. It was the day after their wedding. She was looking beautiful. Her eyes were full of life. Her face perfectly shaped and her smile was worth dying for. She was looking at his face.
“You look beautiful.”, he told her. “AOUGH! AOUGH!”
“Dylan! see… I have been telling you for years. You are my life and I want you to be with me forever. Please quit smoking.”
“I will. I just need some time. I have been doing it for some years now and it is not easy to leave it just like that.”
“At-least you can try.”
“Okay! I will. Promise”
Both of them knew this promise was just to end this conversation. He was trying but not hard enough. The only difference was that now he didn’t smoke openly. He would hide his box in the car. He would smoke outside the house and use fresheners to smell good.
Jane was much relaxed. She was happy that he had changed for her. They were living a happy life until one day Dylan had to go with friends and he asked to get his favorite coat ready. While searching its pockets she found a bill. It clearly mentioned 15 packets of branded cigarettes.”Damn! It was stock for a whole month.”
” What is this?” , she held it in his face.
“What? Its nothing. Ummm.. its .. its.. oh yeah remember it was my friend’s birthday last month? I got him this as a present.”
“Hmm! As far as I remember you gave him a wrist watch. Adding to that this receipt is of this month. You bought these after his birthday.”
“I am Sorry.”
“Its not about smoking. Before this you never lied to me and today …”
“I am sorry. I love you huh. I just smoke on some occasions you know. I am not a regular smoker. I just smoke when I am out with my friends or when I feel a bit low.”
“I am your friend too. When you feel low you don’t need to smoke you just need to talk to me. I don’t know how should I stop you from smoking.”
“I will make it up to you..”
“I think you are getting late. Go. We will talk when you will come back. Please don’t smoke today. ”
“I will make sure sweety, I don’t. Promise. ”
Saying this he left. They were just words. He had become an addict. It was not easy for him to leave it now. She knew it and she had realized that it was useless to ask him to quit. She loved him so did he so she decided to adjust with the situations.
Years passed and one day they decided it was time to bring that pack of little joy into this world but unfortunately they could not. The doctors told that she could not conceive just because of his smoking habits. They could not have a baby ever. This broke her from inside. Seeing her breakdown like a child he could not bear the pain. Now that he had realized what he had done to himself and his family he was guilty. He decided to quit smoking but it was too late. He had become an addict and now every-time he skipped or didn’t follow his cigarette routine he would panic and tremble.
He was not ready to spend his life in a rehabilitation center. They were all left with one choice that was to let him smoke. Very soon he damaged his lungs to an extent where recovery was impossible. He had been suffering from lung cancer. The disease had reached its final stages. He felt tired, aggressive, grumpy and he soon took to bed. He would not go to office and would see his office work. It was hard for her to manage both home and office. She was trying hard to keep the company going and was putting an effort for the stable health of .
He had very few days left. Lying on bed he recalled all his memories. Jane truly had been his support and friend through thick and thin but what did he gave her in return?
The Night was dark so was his heart. She was clipping her hair. “Jane, please sit here.”
“Do you need something?”, saying this she sat beside him.
“No! I just want to talk. Aough! Aough! Aough!.”

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Short Story ‘She Was Fat’ By Sawaira sial

“Yes say, I am here for you.”
“I know you are and you were here for me. I just wish I was there for you.. I wish I should have listened to you. I feel I have never been the perfect partner . You deserved someone a lot better.”
“Ohh Dylan what are you talking about. I Love You. I never said that. You are perfect for me and you will be. There is no one who could have made my life better.”
“Than why do I feel that the smile that I fell for is lost? Why do I feel that these eyes are now empty? I search for life in them but your eyes… I can’t find that glow on your face.”
“I am happy that we married. I am lucky because you are mine. You are my happiness, my smile, my everything… my happiness is in your health.” Saying this she closed her eyes and tears fell.
“That’s what I am saying.. Aough! Aough! I see the fear in your eyes. What are you so afraid of? Losing me??”
She said yes while her eyes still closed
“I regret every single drag. I am sorry. I can not promise to live but I can promise I will be there for you. In your hard times. This is.. Aough! Aough! the life I have given you it will be hard I know but you will make it better.”
“I am not letting you go..”
“I will have to..”, he held her face in his hand, “You will stay happy Jane. Free from my responsibility. Oh I wish I had given you the life I promised. I wish had not burnt all those cigarettes so that I could save us from burning in pain. Aough! Aough! I … I… Aough! I Love You …. ”
“I Love You Too.”
Hugging him she just slept. The next day when she woke up she could not feel his heartbeat. She knew life had given up on him. She scattered like a broken mirror. Every inch of her body felt the pain. She could not feel herself. She could barely touch him. She managed to shout and call her maid. She just hugged him and tears fell followed by cries. Everyone knew only one person has died. They buried him but no one knew with him Jane was dead too. Unluckily she was still breathing so people could not bury her.
Every year about five million people die because of smoking. This little stick is ruining lives. Smoking is not just a time pass or habit. It is addiction that is the cause of 40% of deaths per year in Pakistan. Still we see many people smoking. It doesn’t matter you smoke private or publicly. Every cigarette you smoke leads you to death. You are not smoking a cigarette, it’s the cigarette that is smoking you. It is up to you, you let it burn or you quit today.
Only a fool would put his lips at the other end of burning fire. Refrain before the fire flakes away your identity.


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