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Before it’s too late English Poem In Urdu

Before it’s too late
By succubus

Do you know
Kia tum jantey ho
Kia tumhey pata hai

How much it hurts
Yeh kitni takleef pohanchta hai
Yeh kitna dard deta hai
Yeh kitni aziyat deta hai

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Because of one thing
Sirf aik waja sey
Sirf aik cheaz ki waja sey

That you blurt
Woh jo tum kahtey ho
Jo tum bewaqoofi wali baat kah detey ho
Jo tum baktey ho

You like to play
Tumhey khelna pasand hai

With others life
Dosro ki zindagi sey

All they wish is to
Un logo ka jee chahta hai ka

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Slit their throats with a knife
Woh apney galey ko choori sey khaat da

Ugly, fat, worthless
Badsoorat motey bekar

That’s what you make them feel
Tum unlogo ko mehsoos karwatey ho

You relish seeing them beg
app unhey bhag magtey dhek kar khush hotey ho

While on the floor, they kneel
Jab woh Farash per ghutney taktey bethey hotey hai

Your degrading words
Tumhrey hakeer kardeny waley lafz
Tumhrey behoda lafz
Tumhrey nicha dhekana waley lafz

Are all they hear?
Kiya woh sub suntey hai

Did you know,
Kiya tumhey maloom tha
Kiya tumhey pata tha

You are their greatest fear?
Tum unlogo ka sub sey bara khauf /
dar ho

To deserve all the hate

Tamam nafrat sehnay k haqdar hai

Stop these senseless acts

En behoda harkato ko choro

Before it’s too late…..

Es sey pehle k bohat der ho jaye

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