Bored – General Phrases In Urdu Translation

Bored – General Phrases In Urdu Translation

Being bored means having nothing to do. When someone is bored, they often call people and try to entertain themselves or try to find something to do with a friend. So being bored is a good starting point for conversational English.


There are a couple of situations you can express to someone that you are bored. Most commonly, you will call a friend and tell them that you are bored or ask them to do something together. The other time is when someone asks you how you are doing. We will cover both situations in this session.

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I’m dying from boredom.

main boriat sey mar raha ho


I hate being bored.

majhey bore honey se nafrat hai


I don’t have anything to do.

mere pass nehi karney ko


My life is so boring.

meri zindagi bohat bore hai


Life is so boring.

zindagi bohat bore hai


I’m just watching TV until I find something to do.

main bus tv dhek raha ho jab tak kuch mil na jaye kuch karney k liye


I was bored all weekend.

main purey haftey bore hua tha


I am so bored today.

main ajj bohat bore hua ho


I get bored very easily.

main asani sey bore ho jata ho


I get bored all the time.

main har waqt bore ho jata ho


A common place to get bored is when you have to visit family members.


It’s always boring whenever we go to our relatives.

jab kabhi hum ristadaro ka ha jatey hai humesha bore hota ho 


It’s nice to visit my grandmother, but it gets boring after a couple of hours.

majey apni dadi k pass a kar khushi hoti hai lekin main bore ho jata ho kuch gantey baad 


My cousins are so boring. All they do is watch tv.

mere cousins bohat ziyda boring hai har waqt woh tv dhektey rahtey hai


There’s nothing to do in the country side. I’m always bored there.

dihati ilako mein kuch bhi karney ko nehi main humesha waha bore ho jata ho


If you think you are a boring person, here is a way to say that you are boring.


I think I’m a little boring.

mera khayal main thora bore ho raha ho


I’m a boring person.

main boring banda ho


Boring can be used to describe someone.


He is a boring person.

woh bore banda 


His personality is very boring.

us ki shaksihat bohat boring hai


It’s boring whenever she’s around.

woh jab kabhi aspass hoti hai bore ho jata ho


Using bored to answer a question is very common. Here are some general questions that someone might ask.


How was your trip? (app ka safar kaisa tha

It was pretty boring. ) (kafi bore tha)

How was your vacation? (app chuttiya kaise guzri)

It was boring. I didn’t do much. (main kuch kiya nehi bus bore hota raha )

How was your weekend? (haftey itwar kaisa guzra)

It wasn’t as fun as I thought. It was a little boring.

jaisa socha tha waisa maza nehi aya main thora bore hua

How was the lecture? ( lecture kaisa tha)

I was bored most of the time. (main ziydatar waqt bore hota raha)

How was the class?

How was the game?

i got bored Because it was disorganized, we had too much extra time. I was bored during our free time.



You must use Phrases ten times in front of different people 

Make a sentence by using “bored, boring, ”

How was your trip?

How was your vacation?

How was your weekend?


Golden words

Every situation in life is temporary. So, when life is good, make sure you enjoy and receive it fully. And when life is not so good, remember that it will not last forever and better days are on the way.


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