Lesson forty one We Use ‘Can’ To Talk About Possibility

Lesson forty-one We Use ‘Can’ To Talk About Possibility

here are some examples

Can you do that?

(kiya tum wooh kar sakte ho)



I can’t manage to do that.

( main tum wooh sambhal sakte ho)


You can leave your car in that parking space.

( app apni ghari parking mein laga sakte hai)


You cannot smoke in here.

(tum cigerate nehi pii sakte yaha)

Notice that there are two negative forms: ‘can’t’ and ‘cannot’. These mean exactly the same thing. When we are speaking, we usually say ‘can’t’.

We Use ‘Can’ To Talk About ‘Ability’.


I can speak French language.

( main french zaban bol sakta ho)



I can’t drive a car.

( main ghari nehi chala sakta)



We use ‘can’ to ask for and give permission.


(We also use ‘may’ for this but is more formal and much less common.)

Can I speak to you or are you too busy?

( kiya main tum se baat kar sakta ho ya kiya tum busy ho)


You can use my mobile.

( tum mera mobile estamal kar sakte ho)


You can’t come in.

( tum andar nehi a sakte )

We use ‘can’ in offers, requests, and instructions.

Can I help?

(kiya main madad kar sakta ho)


Can you give me a hand?

( kiya tum majhey hath da sakte ho)


When you finish that, you can take out the garbage.

(jab tum khatam kar lo usey toh kachrey ki dasbin mein phank dena)



We use ‘can’ with ‘see’ ‘hear’ ‘feel’ ‘smell’ ‘taste’ to talk about something which is happening now. (Where you would use the present continuous with most other verbs.)



I can smell something burning.

( main soonjh sakta ho kuch jal raha hai)



Can you hear that noise?

( kiya tum wooh shoor sun sakte ho)



I can’t see anything.

( main kuch dhek nehi sakta)



We can use ‘can’t’ for deduction. The opposite of ‘can’t’ in this context is ‘must’.



You can’t be hungry. You’ve just eaten.

( tum nehi bus abhi khaya hai tumhey bhookey nehi ho sakte)



He was in Lahore one hour ago when I spoke to him. He can’t be here yet.

( woh lahore mein tha aik gantey pehle jab maine us se baat ki thi toh wooh yaha nehi ho sakta ab tak)

Repeat And Practice


I can ride a horse.

(main ghor sawari kar sakta ho ability



We can stay with my brother when we are in karachi.

(hum mere bhai k gher mein rah sakte hai jab hum karachi mein ho) opportunity



Can you hand me the stapler?

(Kiya tum mere hath mein stapler da sakte ho) request


I can solve this problem

Main masla har kar sakta ho


You can talk to me

Tum majh se baat kar sakte ho


We can win the match

Hum match jeet sakte hai


They can speak English very well

(wooh english achi tarha bol sakte hai)


He can work hard

(wooh mehant kar sakta hai)


She can get the first position

(wooh pehli position hasil kar sakti hai)


Negative use of can


I can not talk to you

(main tum se baat nehi kar sakta)


We can do this

(hum yeh kar sakte hai)


They can not solve this sum

Who yeh sawal hal nehi kar sakte hai


He can not carry this load

Wooh yeh bhooj nehi utha sakta


You can catch this birth

Tum yeh parenda pakr sakte ho


she can catch this ball

woh yeh ball pakar sakti hai


you can tell me what happens?

(tum majhey bata sakte ho kiya hua)


can you work hard?

( kiya tum mehant kar sakte ho)


can you speak English?

(kiya tum english bol sakte ho)


Can you catch this bird?

( kiya tum us parandey ko pakar sakte ho)


Can they win the match?

(kiya wooh match jeet sakte hai)


Can he walk?

( kiya wooh chal sakta hai)


Can she sing a song?

( kiya wooh gana gaa sakti hai)


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