Let’s Learn English Speaking! Can I + 1st form of verb

Free Basic English Speaking Course Lesson Fifty Two ~ Can I + 1st Form Of Verb

Learn English with Mr, Tariq Aziz Simple and Easy English Speaking Course! Can I + 1st form of the verb Here you are asking permission to do a particular action. Can I help you? kiya main tumhri madad kar sakta Can I drive a car? kiya main ghari chala sakta ho Can I answer your … Read more

Lesson 12 Story of the week ~Think about this

story of the week lesson 12

Lesson 12: My Favorite lesson in Urdu Story of the week Think about this ایک نشان چھوڑتا leave a mark on آخر کار after allگونگا Speechless   such means  اس طرح کے اسباب    Such incidents    اس طرح کے واقعات [ads2] With today’s hectic world we have forgotten other People. We have forgotten our selves! we … Read more


I am going to share with you a beautiful story 01 “A pond full of milk” here you can Learn English Through Stories In Urdu and Hindi and it is quite simple and easy way to learn english through stories Story #01 Story 01 A POND FULL OF MILK Once there was a king who … Read more