What Is a Verb? Definition and Types of Verbs With Examples

What Is a Verb? | Definition and Types of Verbs With ExamplesVerb is a word which shows state, possession, and action.State verbs and possessive verbs are also known as ‘non-action verbs’.Example:Pakistan is my homeland.Here, ‘is’ is a state verbHe has a new car.Here, ‘has’ is a possessive verbHe is eating mango.Here, ‘is eating’ is an … Read more

How To Reduce The Number Of Car Accidents – Reduce Car Accidents

how to Reduce Car Accidents? There are thousands of car accidents a year that cause serious injuries. Most of these accidents have one of the following causes.   Firstly, the driver is driving too fast. Or sometimes, the driver is not concentrating Second cause when i.e. using a mobile phone, changing CD or talking with a … Read more

Learn From Mistakes ~ Thomas Edison Light Bulb

here is  motivational Story “Learn From Mistakes By Thomas Edison First we learn vocabulary In Urdu then Story of Thomas Edison   Vocabulary In Urdu From Lesson Learn From Mistakes Learn sikhna yad karna From sey Mistakes galatiya   Tried thak gaya Two do different materials muqtalif mawad muqalif cheazien in search of ksi ki … Read more

Banning Of Smoking In All Public Places

Write an essay about “banning of smoking in all public places”: Banning of smoking in all public places Smoking is a dangerous and harmful habit. It causes many deaths in a year because of smoking-related diseases. In the first place, it causes cancer and harms the lungs. Secondly, the cigarette smoke has bad effects on … Read more