An Introduction To Marketing Translation – English Urdu

An Introduction To Marketing Translation As more and more companies seek to do business overseas and sell their products in the worldwide marketplace, the demand for high-quality marketing translation has increased dramatically. Targeted and appropriate translations are an essential part of multilingual marketing campaigns and without them their chances of success are greatly reduced. What … Read more

Learn English reading short stories for beginners

Learn English reading short stories for beginners In order to learn to speak English fluently, each one has a method. Each English student is different. Some like to listen and others love to read. If you want to improve your spoken English, focus on listening to English. If you love to read, put in your … Read more

How To Improve Your Vocabulary In 30 Days

how to improve your vocabulary in 30 days To speak English fluently you need to have some English vocabulary list in your brain. The more vocabulary you know, the more you can speak English easily. But: how to improve English vocabulary effectively in 30 days? Many English learners memorize word lists in order to learn … Read more

Determine words meanings from their contexts

Determine words meanings from their contexts What is the dictionary used for if I can understand the meaning of words from their contexts? I told you to use the dictionary but only if you can’t understand the meaning from the context. Obviously, if you can understand the new word from the context, you don’t need … Read more

How to Improve English Pronunciation and Fluency

today we are going to discuss “How to improve English pronunciation and fluency?”In English, pronunciation is very important because if you have a bad English pronunciation you won’t be understood by your listeners. If you improve English pronunciation, it will be a great step in your English learning career and you will be happier. Many … Read more