Vocabulary Builder – 1000 Most Common Words You Must Know

1 the2 of3 to4 and5 a6 in7 is8 it9 you10 that11 he12 was13 for14 on15 are16 with17 as18 I19 his20 they21 be22 at23 one24 have25 this26 from27 or28 had29 by30 hot31 word32 but33 what34 some35 we36 can37 out38 other39 were40 all41 there42 when43 up44 use45 your46 how47 said48 an49 each50 she51 which52 do53 their54 time55 … Read more

68 Phrasal Verbs For Russian Students! Common Russian Words

68 Phrasal Verbs For Russian-speaking students of English – the most Common Russian Words This page is mainly for the Russian-speaking students of English and it is for your self-study. Each section of this page is looking at particular area of grammar. (Эта страница – для русско-язычных студентов для само-подготовки. Каждая секция рассматривает какую-то грамматическую … Read more

How To Learn English Vocabulary Easily

how to learn English vocabulary easily, There are seven ways to learn vocabulary in English I was a little bit curious about the different methods English learners are using to learn English vocabulary and all of the sudden I found an article talking about a way to learn vocabulary faster. First, the author of the … Read more

Daily Used English Vocabulary Words and Phrases

Daily Used English Vocabulary Words and Phrases with Urdu Meanings Get the hang of (idiom) To learn how to do / کچھ کرنا سیکھنا Do you want to get the hang of spoken English? کیا آپ انگلش بولنا سیکھنا چاہتے ہیں۔ Beseech (verb) To beg / بھیک مانگنا The servant beseeched the king for food. … Read more

58 Important English Vocabulary Words – MCAT ! ECAT

Important English Vocabulary Words MCAT ECAT Ecat – MCAT English important vocabs 1) ABDICATE v to step down from a position of power or responsibility 2) ABERRATION n something not typical; a deviation from the standard 3) ABHOR v to hate very, very much; to detest 4) ABRIDGE v to shorten; to condense 5) ACUMEN … Read more