Sleeping Beauty & her best friend Written By Tariq

sleeping beauty & her best friend

Sleeping Beauty & Her Best Friend Written By Tariq~Story In English With Urdu! Hindi Translation I saw her first time. When she was grinning. She was wearing hijab her eyes were wet (it’s my thinking) Written By Tariq She looked gorgeous for me she was the most adorable girl in the world Written By Tariq … Read more

Love Is Like A Wind ! True Love Story Written By Tariq

Love Is Like A Wind ! True Love STory~Written By Tariq

When you fall in love You become blind You think Your Lover is an Angel Love is like a wind Written By Tariq Written By Tariq 20 august 2019 – Whatsapp No 0343-3498272 Like ! Share ! Comments ! True Story You trust blindly You share everything You forget Halal (Lawful) and Haram (Forbidden) Love … Read more

Your Story In English ! Urdu ~You will regret if you don’t watch this


you will regret if you don’t watch this video This is your story Yeh app ki kahni hai       You are poor….& You belong to low middle class Tum gareeb ho aur tumhra taluq gareebo ka bilkul nechey darjey sey hai   You can only eat mutton once in a year You can … Read more