Class 01 Verb to be English Speaking Practice

Class 01 Verb to be English Speaking Practice


Are You + Adjective
Are you busy?
Are you Fine?
Are you Okay?
Are you Alright?
Are you Free?
Are you Single?

Internal Parts of the Body – English Vocabulary In Urdu

Are you ready?
Kia tum tayar ho

Are you single?
Kia tum kawarey ho

Are you married?
Kia tum shadi shuda ho

Are you Fine now?
Kia ab tum theak ho

Are you Okay?
Kiya tum theak ho

Are you Alright?
Kia app theak hai

Are you busy?
Kia tum masroof ho

Are you Free?
Kia tum free ho

Are you really busy now?
Kia tum waqie mein abhi masroof ho

Are you rich?
Kia tum ameer ho

Are You poor?
Kia tum gareeb ho

Are you interested?
Kia tum dilchaspi rakhtey ho

Are you free to meet?
Kia tum milney k liye free ho

Vocabulary of the day

Hideous (adjective)
very ugly or bad
the whole hideous story

Mr crazy always wears a pink suit with a blue shirt and an orange tie. It is the most hideous color combination I’ve ever seen!

Quote of the day
“beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart.”
Khalil Gibran

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